Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – June 28, 2019

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

In Carroll County, While on a boat patrol on Lake Carroll, CPO Palumbo and CPO Trainee (CPOT) Skelton located three juveniles in an unregistered, 10-foot jon boat. Two of the occupants were wearing their PFDs, and the third did not have one available to him. The vessel was followed back to their dock, and the parent in charge of the boys and boat, was issued a citation for allowing a minor child to operate a watercraft with an insufficient number of PFDs on board. Written warnings were issued for no sounding device and unregistered watercraft.

In Jo Daviess County, CPO Hoftender and CPOT Doescher observed a man fishing; but when he saw them, he dropped his pole and walked away. The Galena man was cited for fishing without a license.

In Ogle County, While checking fishermen along the Rock River, CPO Teas and CPOT Andrew Hyatt discovered a subject to be in possession of a smallmouth bass during the closed season. The fisherman was cited, and the fish was released. In a separate incidence.

In Stephenson County, CPO Beltran and CPOT AJ Hyatt investigated a case involving a fawn that died after being taken from its mother. The person responsible was cited for the violation.

In LaSalle County, CPO Jansen and CPOT Gerdes responded to the Starved Rock Visitor Center late at night for a report of a subject attempting to break in. Upon arrival, the subject appeared to be experiencing hallucinations. EMS was contacted, and he was taken to IVCH for treatment. It was later discovered that the subject was not taking his medication. No enforcement action was taken.

In Ogle County, CPO Beltran rescued an injured bald eagle and took it to

In Putnam County, CPO Finn and CPOT Willand were advised that there were commercial fishing nets floating near Hennepin on the Illinois River. The two hoop nets were found, and they were full of dead fish. The nets had clearly not been checked every 72 hours as required. The nets were seized as illegal devices, and the investigation is ongoing.

In Menard County, CPO Macias responded to a radio call from the Menard County Sheriff’s Office regarding a subject in a homemade boat that was in distress on the Sangamon River because of the high water and swift current near the Lincoln’s New Salem Heritage Site. The boat was swept toward the shore and capsized when it got caught up in the brush. The supplies in the boat were swept away by the water, and the subject swam to the bank and pulled himself out of the water. He was able to walk to a road and flag down a car. The deputy and CPO Macias located the boat and towed it back to shore.

They also assisted the subject in recovering his items. The subject had no life jacket in the boat, and he was issued a citation.

In Ogle County, While checking for license compliance, CPO Beltran and CPOT AJ Hyatt discovered a man who, despite being warned multiple times, was fishing without permission. The man was issued a citation for fishing next to the no trespassing sign.

In Fulton County, While on patrol in a restricted area at Rice Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area, CPO Thompson conducted a stop of a trespassing vehicle. The driver was issued a citation for unlawful transport of an uncased bow in a vehicle, and written warnings were issued for fishing without a valid fishing license, trespassing, and no valid driver’s license on person.

In Knox County, While conducting fish and recreational boating enforcement, CPO Elliott conducted a safety inspection of a boat with two occupants, an adult male and a child under 13 years of age. The child was not wearing a life jacket while the boat was underway as required. Additionally, the adult was operating the boat at increased speeds in a “no-wake” area. Also, the operator did not have a Type IV flotation device; and his fishing license was not in possession. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson investigated a complaint of hunting without permission. Upon identifying a hunting location used by the responsible parties, CPOs Thompson and Elliott eventually located and arrested two men for trespass, unlawful hunting on property without permission, and unlawful hunting without valid permits. As a result, four citations and three written warnings were issued.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson investigated a Fulton County man for failure to report accurate commercial fish harvest records to the IDNR. He discovered that the man submitted an inaccurate report by way of excluding over 70,000 pounds of buffalo having been sold in 2018. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley and CPOT McKune conducted a commercial fishing detail on Pool 20 of the Mississippi River. They saw multiple trammel nets not in attendance in an area near Warsaw. After surveying the area in multiple directions, the nets were pulled and logged into evidence. The nets belonged to a man from Fulton County who was roe fishing for sturgeon. The man was subsequently charged with three counts of failure to be in attendance of nets during the required hours during roe season.

In Christian County, During a routine boat patrol at Sangchris Lake, CPOs Wichern and Snodgrass issued citations to fishermen in possession of several short, largemouth bass. In a separate incidence, CPO Snodgrass located two fishermen with three largemouth bass each. It was determined that only one fish met the posted 15-inch minimum size limit. The short fish were seized, and the fishermen were cited for failing to immediately release short fish.g

Northeast Zone – Capt. Jed Whitchurch

In Lake County, CPO Kelley responded to a liquid fertilizer spill in Volo. A fitting on the tank failed, and approximately 200 gallons of liquid fertilizer flowed down the storm drains of a neighborhood. A local retention pond, which is stocked with fish, was threatened with contamination. The Fox Lake Fire Department responded and was able to temporarily plug the storm drains. An environmental response company was then contacted to clean up the spilled material. The Lake County Health Department and the IDNR will monitor the pond for signs of contamination.

In Lake County, CPO Kelley interviewed a subject who brought an “abandoned” fawn from Wisconsin to Gurnee. The subject had been camping in the Wisconsin Dells and thought the fawn needed assistance. The subject was issued a citation and written warning. He was also given information about the effects and spread of chronic wasting disease.

In McHenry County, CPOs Kelley and VanWiltenburg responded to a nuisance trapping complaint in Fox River Grove. A resident had trapped a raccoon in a leg hold trap. The incident was reported to the Fox River Grove Police Department. The responding officer euthanized the raccoon and contacted CPO Kelley. When the CPOs arrived, it was found that the resident had also live-trapped a squirrel and allowed it to die in the trap. The resident was informed of the proper procedures for removing nuisance wildlife, and a citation was issued for his violations.

In McHenry County, CPOT Anderson and CPO Davis responded to a call regarding a lost concealed carry pistol at Stratton Lock and Dam. The subject entered the outhouse building and placed his holstered pistol on the window sill before using the pit toilet.

While using the facilities, he received a phone call and inadvertently left the pistol in the restroom facility. He drove for approximately 20 minutes outside of the park before realizing he was not in possession of his firearm. When he returned, the pistol was missing. A report was taken, and local law enforcement agencies were notified in the event the pistol is turned into other authorities.

In Cook County, CPO Sanford and CPOT Elliot conducted a random commercial inspection of a furbearing mammal breeder. It was discovered that the individual was in possession of a red fox without a valid permit to do so, and a citation was issued for the violation. The individual gained compliance by purchasing a valid furbearing mammal breeder permit upon completion of the inspection.

In Cook County, CPO Sanford and CPOT Elliot located two individuals in a duck blind at Wolf Lake. One individual was fishing, while the other was observing. After examining the interior of the duck blind, CPOT Elliot located four empty glass bottles, as well as two full alcoholic beverages. CPOT Elliot conducted a fishing compliance check on the individual who had been fishing and discovered that the individual had a valid sport fishing license but did not have the license in their possession. CPOT Elliot issued one individual a written warning for the alcohol violation. A written warning was issued to the other individual for fishing license not in possession.

In Cook County, While patrolling at William W. Powers State Recreation Area, CPO Klemme and CPOT Kusta observed a vessel approaching the dock. A routine inspection found that the operator did not have the boat’s battery properly secured. The subject presented a Wisconsin driver’s license, and his vehicle was registered in Wisconsin. The subject was in possession of a resident Illinois fishing license. It was determined that he was not a resident of Illinois, and he was issued a citation for the license violation and a written warning for the boating violation. His fishing license was also seized.

In Cook County, CPOs Stanbary and Klemme, along with CPOT Kusta, conducted a boat patrol on the Chicago River. While conducting a boat safety inspection, CPOT Kusta noticed that the operator was showing signs of impairment. The boat operator was brought on board the patrol boat, and field sobriety tests we conducted. As a result, the operator was arrested for operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol. The boat operator was also issued two citations and a written warning for an equipment violation. In a separate incidence, a boat operator was issued a citation when he was found to have a child under the age of 13 with no wearable PFD. During another vessel inspection, the CPOT wrote written warnings to an operator for multiple equipment violations which included no Type IV throwable, unsecured batteries, improper navigation lighting, and an unserviceable fire extinguisher.

In Macon County, While conducting fish enforcement, CPO Wright found a subject that was wanted on a warrant out of Pike County. Also, the subject did not have a fishing license. Appropriate enforcement action was taken. In a separate incidence, CPO Wright issued several warnings and citations for possession of short crappie.

In Macon County, CPO Reeves was called to a serious personal injury boat accident on Lake Decatur. Upon arrival, it was learned that three passengers on the watercraft were transported to the hospital, two with serious injuries. It was also learned that the female operator was suspected of operating the watercraft under the influence of drugs and alcohol. She was arrested on scene for OUI and reckless operation of a watercraft. The female was transported to and lodged at the Macon County Jail.

In DeWitt County, CPOT Miller and CPO Reeves arrested a male subject at Clinton Lake State Recreation Area. The subject was observed driving a vehicle on a gravel bike path that prohibits vehicular travel. When he saw the officers, he turned onto the park road; and a traffic stop was initiated on the vehicle. During the stop, he was placed under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol (a breath sample provided indicated a BAC of .214%) and driving while license revoked. The man was transported and lodged at the Dewitt County Jail.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

In Moultrie County, CPO Moody encountered a group of men from Arcola who were using a cast net to catch game fish (crappie). The fish were returned to Lake Shelbyville, and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Shelby County, CPO Barnes handled a trespassing complaint involving two subjects that were mushroom hunting without permission of the landowner. Both subjects were issued written warnings and told not to return to the property.

In Hamilton County, CPO Williams investigated a complaint of a subject trespassing and stealing cedar trees from a landowner. After consulting with the State’s Attorney, a felony theft charge was filed.

In Jasper County, While on a boat patrol at Newton Lake, Sgt. Hyatt and CPO Roper encountered a family fishing off the docks. As the officers approached, the adult male subject left the area and sat in his vehicle. A short time later the CPOs returned to the dock and observed the adult male fishing. A check of the subject revealed he was a registered, criminal, sexual predator. The subject was arrested for being in the park unlawfully, and he was transported to the Jasper County Jail.

In Wayne County, CPO Taylor and CPOT Buchanan investigated a complaint of a subject taking a Canada goose gosling from its mother. A video was sent to the officers showing the subject kicking the mother and taking the gosling. The subject still had the gosling when the officers made contact with him, and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Perry County, The Perry County Sheriff’s Office requested CPO Lewis’ assistance with a suspicious person complaint at Pyramid State Recreation Area. The person was walking down the road in his underwear and jumping into the brush as cars drove by. The subject advised he had lost his truck in a nearby lake. He explained that he was on the lake’s boat launch when he intended to back up onto the highway. He put the truck into in drive instead of reverse and drove the truck straight into the lake. He was able to get out of the truck and swim back to the ramp. In the process, he somehow lost his pants. CPO Lewis contacted the Franklin County Dive Team because the vehicle was completely submerged. The dive team found the truck approximately 500 feet from the ramp.

In Perry County, CPO Lewis charged a hunter for taking a deer without a valid permit. The hunter shot a 12-point buck during the 2018 firearm season. The man stated that there were no either-sex permits available when he went to buy a permit, but he did get a doe tag. He shot the buck because it was too hard to resist. The 12-point rack was seized for evidence purposes.

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