Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – May 17, 2019

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

In Carroll County, CPO Palumbo received a disposition in a case regarding a Thomson man arrested for unlawful take of a trophy caliber white-tailed buck on property he did not have permission to hunt. The man pled guilty; and his fines, costs, and processing fees were more than $600. The processed venison was donated to a local food pantry, and the trophy head and antlers were awarded to the DNR.

In Carroll County, CPO Hoftender cited a Gurnee man for turkey hunting in Carroll County with a Jo Daviess County turkey permit. He was issued a written warning for failure to sign his permit.

In LaSalle County, CPOs Beltran and Teas were dispatched to LaSalle County because a report of a severed, human head floating in the water. Upon arrival, it was discovered it was a dead muskrat.

In Winnebago County, While on patrol at Rock Cut State Park, CPO Murry and Sgt. Wire observed an individual take off running while concealing a long object on his person. The individual then put the object in his vehicle. While speaking to the suspect, CPO Murry discovered the item was a BB gun. Both the owner of the gun and one other subject were also cited for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia. In a separate incidence, two other individuals were cited for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia.

In McDonough County, CPOs Elliott and Thompson arrested a subject on opening day of spring turkey season. The subject was observed hunting in a blind adjacent to three elevated tripod feeders. The feeders were observed in operation and dispensing corn and mineral onto the ground. The dangers of baiting as it pertains to the spread of disease and the unfair chase aspect were explained. The subject was cited and has a future court date.

In McDonough County, CPO Elliott arrested three subjects for the unlawful take of three wild turkeys without a valid permit. All three subjects were using landowner permits to hunt on land they did not own or lease for agriculture. Two of the subjects admitted to taking a turkey and fraudulently tagging the bird with the third subject’s permit. All subjects were cited and have a future court date.

In Tazewell County, CPO Lazzell received a disposition in a case involving an archery deer hunter who was cited for hunting without permission on Illinois Department of Transportation property. The man received a six-month court supervision and was fined $302.

In Brown County, CPOs Blakeley and Gushleff encountered a turkey hunter hunting out of his blind after legal hunting hours. The hunter was also hunting turkeys with the aid of bait. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley and an officer from the Iowa DNR conducted a commercial fishing enforcement detail on Pool 20 of the Mississippi River. Several fishermen were inspected, and the detail resulted in three fishermen being cited for not being in attendance of their fishing nets when required. One of the three was also cited for failure to check his nets when required. When CPO Wheatley raised that fisherman’s net, it had numerous dead and moribund fish caught in it; and that net was seized as evidence.

In Christian County, CPO Macias responded to a complaint in Owaneco. A subject was displaying several animal carcasses in his yard, and the neighbors were concerned. A few weeks earlier, he had visited with the man; and at that time, it was determined the carcasses were chickens that the subject had in a coop. After again discussing the issue with the man, he admitted to killing an opossum without a license. A citation was issued for illegal take of a game animal.

In Scott County, While on routine patrol of the Illinois River, CPO Wichern observed three commercial fishermen checking their hoop nets. A fishing compliance check was performed, and it was determined that they possessed six undersized channel catfish and one undersized flathead catfish. It was also determined their six hoop nets were set prior to purchasing the 2019 Illinois devise tags. Several of the nets were not properly marked with the fishermen’s names and addresses. The nets had not been checked and emptied for approximately 144 hours, and one of the fishermen did not possess a valid Illinois sport fishing license. The undersized catfish were successfully returned to the River, and the fishermen were cited for the possession of undersized catfish and no fishing license. They were also given warnings for the unmarked/untagged nets and for failing to attend their nets every 72 hours.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Jed Whitchurch

In Lake County, CPO Kelley assisted the district wildlife biologist in assessing the remaining waterfowl blinds on Grass Lake. Blinds are required to be removed, unless birds have nested on them. One blind was left on the Lake without a nest. The owners will be contacted, and appropriate enforcement action will be taken.

 In Cook County, CPO Stanbary issued a written warning to a fisherman at Busse Lake for no sport fishing license in possession. In a separate incidence, a stand-up paddle boarder was witnessed by the CPO paddling with no PFD. The operator was stopped, and a written warning was issued for the PFD violation. Additionally, the operator was educated in the dangers of not wearing a PFD, especially in the frigid spring waters.

In Cook County, CPO Sanford investigated a turkey hunting incident which occurred on private property in Jo Daviess County. A Cook County resident inadvertently harvested three wild turkeys with one shot. The individual, who self-reported the violation, was issued a citation and written warning.

In DuPage County, CPO Stanbary issued citations to a homeowner who had been illegally snaring coyotes on his property. Seven snare sets and nine dead coyotes were found on the suspect’s property. During the investigation the CPO learned that in addition to the illegal snaring, the homeowner was unlawfully feeding deer. The homeowner was issued multiple citations and written warnings and has a mandatory court date in DuPage County.

In Kankakee County, CPO Farber responded to a complaint of hogs in the wild in Pembroke Township. It was determined that the hogs had escaped from local farms, and he is working on the solution to this situation.

In McHenry County, CPO Vaughan followed up on a deer investigation resulting in citations for unlawful take of white-tailed deer and improper permitting.

n Grundy County, CPOs Anderson and Honiotes, along with the Grundy Sheriff’s Office and Morris Fire Department, responded to a sea plane crash in a remote area of the Illinois River. The pilot experienced mechanical issues, and the FFA is investigating the cause of the crash. CPO Anderson investigated complaints that the plane had been doing illegal “touch and goes” on nearby Heidecke Lake earlier in the day. The pilot at the time of the crash was not the pilot who was doing the touch and goes. The other pilot was contacted and informed of the state park rules which prohibit the landing of aircraft on IDNR property

In Cook County, Sgt. Mooi assisted CPOs Sanford and Stanbary during the opening day of inland trout season at William W. Powers State Recreation Area. Sgt. Mooi issued one citation to a man who was found to be in possession of seven rainbow trout. Sgt. Mooi issued two written warnings to other trout fishermen for fishing violations.

In Cook County,  Sgt. Mooi conducted fishing compliance checks. One man purchased a fishing license while other fishermen were being checked. The man was issued a written warning for fishing without a fishing license and reminded to purchase a license prior to fishing.

In Cook County, CPO Sanford received a complaint of an individual pouring a chemical substance into an inhabited red fox den. Contact was made with the subject, and an interview was conducted. The subject admitted to pouring ammonia into the den to “ward” the foxes away. The subject was issued a citation for unlawful destruction/molestation of a fox den, and a written warning was issued for the use of a chemical substance as a means of nuisance removal.

In Cook County, CPO Klemme completed an investigation into an illegal taking of an opossum. An individual killed an opossum after discovering it under a camper on the property. The individuals were educated about laws regarding harvesting furbearers, and several written warnings were issued.

In Kendall County, While checking fishermen at Silver Springs State Fish and Wildlife Area, CPO Bergland found a fisherman that was in possession of a smallmouth bass. The subject was informed that he could not possess a smallmouth bass between April 1st and June 15th, and a citation was issued.

In Will County, CPO Bergland responded to a report of two people who went into the DuPage River at the low head dam in Hammel Woods. He assisted in the rescue/recovery efforts that night. The following day CPOs Bergland and Farber utilized the airboat which played a vital role in finding and recovering both victims.

In Kane County, CPO Winters met with a subject who harvested two deer without a hunting license. It appeared to be an accidental oversight as the subject had all other required items and was found to be in compliance in previous years. A written warning was issued.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

In Coles County, CPO Mieure issued a Charleston man one written warning for failure to remove his tree stand from Fox Ridge State Park property by January 31, 2019.

In Madison County, CPO Schachner received a vague complaint regarding a subject poaching deer and illegally trapping furbearers out of season. During a foot patrol of the area of complaint, he found corroborating evidence for both complaints. On his first attempt to locate the subject at his residence, CPO Schachner observed a skinned raccoon hide and two dead opossums in the subject’s yard, along with numerous unset traps. On his second attempt to locate the subject, he observed a set trap in plain view. On his third attempt, he located the subject at home and discovered a live opossum with numerous baby opossums in a cage trap at the subject’s residence. There was insufficient proof to cite the subject for deer poaching, but he was cited for trapping during closed season; and written warnings were issued for no trapping license, littering/pollution of waterway, failure to register deer harvest, and untagged traps. The opossums were seized and released. There will also be a follow-up to verify that the subject removed the trash from the waterway.

In Randolph County, CPO Sievers issued a man a written warning for mushroom hunting prior to 1 p.m. at Turkey Bluffs Fish and Wildlife Area.

In Hamilton County, CPO Jourdan issued a total of eight citations to turkey hunters for unlawful take of turkey, no valid turkey permit, no hunting license, no habitat stamp, possession of an uncased firearm in a vehicle, and an unplugged shotgun. One male turkey seized as evidence.

In Hamilton County, CPOs Jourdan and Haggerty inspected three nonresidents who had been turkey hunting. The three subjects were each cited for hunting without a valid nonresident hunting license, no valid habitat stamp, no valid nonresident turkey permit, and transportation of an uncased firearm. Also, one citation was issued for unlawful take of a turkey, and two citations were issued for hunting with a firearm capable of holding more than three shells. The turkey was seized as evidence.

In Gallatin County, CPO Williams investigated the report of a Kentucky resident unlawfully taking a rattlesnake. The subject was met at the Cave in Rock Ferry, and the rattlesnake skin was recovered. The subject was given a notice to appear in Gallatin County Court.

In Pope County, CPO Vasicek assisted US Fish and Wildlife Service special agents and Kentucky Fish and Game officers with the arrest of armed subjects that had unlawful taken approximately 100 sturgeon for the caviar industry. Four of the fish were federally endangered or protected.

In Clay County, CPO Smith issued a written warning to an individual for trespassing onto private property to mushroom hunt. The landowner only wanted the individual warned.

In Jackson County, CPO Johnson found two fishermen in violation of the bass slot limit. They were in possession of four bass between 14 and 18 inches. They were each issued a citation for the fish violations. One of the fishermen was also wanted on a warrant, and he was arrested.

In Perry County, After receiving a trespassing complaint, CPO Lewis cited three individuals on coal mine property for fishing without permission.

In Montgomery County, CPO Goetten investigated the report of a subject selling deer meat. It was determined that the subject harvested the deer in Arkansas, along with a bear. The meat from the bear and deer was seized, and enforcement action is pending. CPO Lentz issued a citation to a male subject at Coffeen Lake for keeping more than three largemouth bass over 15 inches. CPO Lentz also issued four civil cannabis citations to two male subjects at Coffeen Lake.

In St. Clair County, CPOs Schachner and Ray checked trout fishermen at a local state park. CPO Schachner checked four adults. They also spoke with two other fishermen and answered their questions. Enforcement action was taken for over-limit of trout, obstruction, and littering. Twenty-three trout were seized/photographed.

In Clay County, CPO Smith was asked by Illinois State Police dispatch to meet with a trooper and a Clay County deputy regarding two people that were in custody for shooting firearms from a vehicle on a public roadway. The trooper initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle near the area where shots were fired. The trooper observed spent gun shell cartridges and loaded gun shells in the vehicle. No one in the vehicle had a valid FOID card. CPO Smith interviewed both subjects involved and was able to obtain the details of what happened earlier when shots were being fired from the vehicle. One subject shot and killed two Canada geese with a .223 caliber rifle from the vehicle. The same subject shot at vultures with a 12- gauge shotgun from the vehicle. Both subjects were charged with multiple wildlife and public safety violations. The person driving the vehicle was charged with accessory to several wildlife charges. 

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