Useful knots for thriving and surviving in the out-of-doors [video]

In late March, I hung out at Minnesota’s Afton State Park with DNR naturalist and knot-tying expert Linda Radimecky, who shared how to tie her seven favorite knots for outdoorsy folks. You can see diagrams of these knots and read more about them on Page 16 of the April 19 issue of Minnesota Outdoor News.

One knot from my original story did not make the print version of Outdoor News – the Trucker’s Hitch. You’ll see Radimecky describe it in above video, and some detailed instructions on pulling it off are available below.

Whatever your outdoor activity, these knots will make your outdoor life easier and less stressful in 2019 and beyond. For more information, here’s another great site with knot-tying information:

Trucker’s Hitch

“In the outdoors, we have a lot of people who want to tie something down like a kayak, and a Trucker’s Hitch is really awesome for that,” Radimecky said. A lot of people simply tie a bunch of half hitches and hope it holds, but that plan gives a less-secure tie-down and increases the likelihood of the knot slipping. Not so with a Trucker’s Hitch.

  1. Begin by securing the line with a half hitch or two to the first stable side and pull the rope over the object being secured (such as a kayak). Secure it to the other permanent object.
  2. Make a loop at a point in the line where you plan on securing it.
  3. Then run the line through the loop to get some leverage. You can pull hard and then pinch the two lines together.
  4. To secure the rope together and finish the knot, tie a half hitch because It will hold. It’s really easy to pull out the loop at the end.
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