Pennsylvania Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – April 26, 2019

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has scheduled upcoming Hunter-Trapper Education classes.

Visit for classes scheduled in your area. 

From the Game Commission

Cumberland County SGW John Fetchkan reports two trash-dumping investigations are ongoing on area state game lands.  

Bedford County SGW Jeremy Coughenour reports several violations were turned over to the Fish & Boat Commission in March. They included fishing without licenses, fishing in closed waters and possession of trout out of season. 

Perry County SGW Kevin P. Anderson Jr. reports illegal trash dumping has increased on state game lands.   

York County SGW Scott Brookens reports several individuals have pleaded guilty to using, on several occasions, a state game lands shooting range without having purchased a permit or hunting license.

York County SGW Justin Ritter said an individual pleaded guilty to charges for trapping a hawk in Hanover Borough. 

From the Game Commission

Bradford County SGW Blake Barth reports multiple incidents occurring on State Game Lands 12 and 36 are under investigation. They involve a gate on Game Land 12 that apparently was damaged when a truck pulled on it until it broke. In addition, there have been multiple incidents of unlawful trash dumping on State Game Land 36 along Falls Creek Road. Several valuable pieces of evidence were collected from crime scenes. 

Wayne County SGW Adriel Douglass is investigating the killing of a 500-pound bear after it got into garbage left on a porch at Lake Ariel. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Game Commission Northeast Region Office at 570-675-1143.

Sullivan County SGW Rick Finnegan reports locks were cut from a few State Game Land 13 gates this past winter in the Lopez/Nordmont area. 

Bradford County SGW Michael Goodenow reports an individual was warned for failing to get a permit for a road-killed deer he picked up for consumption. 

Monroe County SGW Bryan Mowrer reports issuing citations for the unlawful disposal of deer carcasses in Hamilton Township and two permit violations. 

Susquehanna County SGW Ben Rebuck reports investigating an incident where someone shot a deer with a crossbow bolt with a field-tip on it.  

Northumberland SGW Derek Spitler started an investigation into an unlawfully taken white-tailed deer in Pitman. 

From the Game Commission

Berks County SGW Ryan L. Zawada reports during the light-goose conservation season, many hunters were unaware they needed to have their free conservation permits with them. While checking snow goose hunters in West Cocalico Township, Lancaster County, everyone had their conservation permits, but one hunter didn’t have the Pennsylvania migratory game bird hunting license and another was hunting with an unplugged shotgun. 

Bucks County SGW Tyler Barnes has filed a citation on a Warwick Township man for purchasing a license without first completing the required hunter-trapper education class.

Berks and Schuylkill counties LMGS Dave Brockmeier reports the habitat management crews have completed nest-structure inspections and replacements.

Chester County SGW Matthew Johnson reports two Chester County hunters were cited for unlawful taking and transporting, transporting high-risk parts out of a Disease Management Area and transfer of game-kill tag.

Lancaster County SGW John Veylupek is investigating multiple incidents of dogs chasing wildlife in the Safe Harbor area.   

Lancaster County DGW Justin Brian investigated a case in which an individual attempted to sell a migratory bird mount on Facebook.

Lancaster County SGW John Veylupek is tracking down hunters who left their tree stands on State Game Lands 156. Tree stands must be removed from Game Lands no later than two weeks after the last day of the final deer season in the area.

Lancaster County SGW Greg Graham reports that with warmer weather there is an increase in the number of people on state game lands. Unfortunately, there also is a corresponding increase in the number of apprehensions of unlawful drug users. Charges are pending against those who were found to be in possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Lancaster County SGW Greg Graham reports a search for a missing man on SGL 46 was initially unsuccessful and almost two weeks passed until the man was located. Local police departments, search-and-rescue teams and fire company personnel were assisted by state game wardens and other agency personnel.  

Lehigh County SGW Tyler Kreider reports that, as the weather turns warmer, activity on State Game Lands ranges is increasing. As a result, numerous warnings and citations are being issued for failure to follow shooting-range regulations. 

Montgomery County SGW William Car reports issuing citations to three men for entering the propagation area at Middle Creek and harassing snow geese. They were standing a few hundred yards into a posted protected area containing about 4,000 birds.   As Car approached on foot, the suspects took off running. He thought the trio was attempting to flee, but soon realized they were taking selfies on their phones as they flushed the geese. The sound of geese was so loud, the men could not hear Car shouting until he was within 40 yards of them.

Montgomery County SGW Raymond Madden reports prosecuting numerous summary hearings for violations ranging from unlawful taking of big game to numerous safety zone issues to the unlawful purchase of licenses. Guilty pleas or verdicts were handed down by the judges in all cases.

Northampton County SGW Brad Kreider reports receiving information from the agency’s Southeast Region Office dispatch center concerning possible game violations. When Kreider finally tracked down the individual, it was an unexpected reunion; he had arrested the man 24 years earlier for shooting a buck the week before deer season opened.

Schuylkill County SGW Jason Macunas reports a Minersville area individual was cited for illegally dumping deer remains on DCNR property. The deer was discovered on the Weiser State Forest-Panther Valley Tract with the harvest tag of the individual’s 10-year son still attached to the ear of the deer. Successful hunters are reminded that they must dispose of all unused/inedible game parts in a lawful manner.

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