Talking technology: Do we anglers have an unfair advantage?

(Photo courtesy of Rapala)

Some say that technology is ruining our experience on the water. Others might just say the opposite is true.  Either way, this is a losing battle between the two groups. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, that doesn’t mean you have to listen to it.

Some would say that I am on the side of the fence that is in favor of technology and I would have to agree – I’m a firm believer that the addition of several electronic gadgets to my fishing arsenal has dramatically improved my ability to find and catch fish.

The advancements in sonar technology have made life on the water that much more enjoyable. I am able to use my side- and down-imaging sonar to see things in the water that may have never been seen with older sonar units – hidden little gems like rock piles, grass beds, or submerged trees.

Even the 2d sonar technology has advanced to the point where most units are now coming with the CHIRP technology. This high-resolution sonar can help you locate pods of baitfish, bottom consistency and even fish holding tight to structure. This combined with the use of the side-imaging can be a deadly way to attack a body of water.

Is it too much? There are a lot of ways to look at it.

Read more about my thoughts on fishing technology in an upcoming issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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