Consider hunting ethics when heading afield this year

The Wisconsin Ethical Hunter of the Year Award is presented every year in May. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

For the last 20-plus years, a person has been named the Wisconsin Ethical Hunter of the Year by an awards committee that selects a nominee whose name is submitted by other hunters.

The reason for the award, given annually in May, stems from the fact that every week or so we read about a hunter doing unethical, illegal or just plain unthoughtful things while hunting in Wisconsin. Yet, most hunters play by the rules and are not like that.

A little more than 20 years ago, the four members of today’s committee figured it was about time that someone was recognized for doing good, ethical things while hunting. Ethical hunters are nominated by fellow hunters and then the committee reviews and chooses.

A presentation is currently held at a corporate sponsor’s business location. Vortex Optics, now with a new location in Barneveld, is that business. The company provides a nice gift, too, of one of their products. The chief DNR warden – currently Todd Schaller – announces the winner at the spring presentation.

Usually, the winner is an individual who has done something that sheds a good light on hunters in general. In the past, winners have returned lost items, assisted another hunter in some way, and even given up their favored hunting location for another hunter.

The nominee may be participating in any type of hunting during a Wisconsin season, including the upcoming spring turkey season.

Learn more about the award by searching Wisconsin Ethical Hunter Award online or talk to your local field warden.

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