Angler gift wish list should include sunglasses

I recently had a conversation with Dr. Gary Nesty about the importance of proper eye wear while fishing. Dr. Nesty is  a practicing optometrist, as well as a tournament fisherman. I knew that I needed some first-hand knowledge to help me relay my point about the necessity of wearing proper eyewear.

You are probably wondering why I would be bringing such a topic up at the beginning of winter. Many might think I have gone a bit nuts or have a screw loose somewhere. Although all that may be true, there is truly a reason behind my madness. As an angler, there is no better time than the present to discuss advantages that we can have while fishing.

Now is the time to start thinking about the upcoming seasons that lie ahead. There are still fish to be caught on open water as well as through the frozen surfaces of our local lakes and ponds. In every situation, there is a good reason to think about what you put over your eyes that can make a difference.

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