Make use of all hunting and trapping seasons

This groups of upland birds hunters came from Georgia to hunt ruffed grouse in Wisconsin. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

After archery and gun deer seasons, many of Wisconsin’s hunting seasons get only relatively moderate attention and participation. Squirrel, rabbit and fall turkey seasons seem to be underutilized.

Data collected from hunter surveys are eventually used to estimate populations, determine health of species, and change regulations when needed to cut back or expand opportunities, including bag limits.

Underutilization and participation could be a factor in hunter and conservationist recruitment into the fold for the future.

If for some reason a beginning or returning hunter misses the gun deer season, for example, that person may write off hunting altogether after another near miss of the big draw – the gun deer season.

Before and after the deer seasons, as well as in the midst of them, encourage others, as well as yourself, to try these once staples of Wisconsin’s wild food providers.

It used to be beginning hunters started with small game and graduated to big game. Now it seems for many it’s big game or nothing at all.

These less-trophy-driven seasons give hunters a chance to get a better look at the entire Wisconsin picture, ecosystem, and land ethic.

Try one of these small game hunting seasons yourself, and take a friend along.

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