Pennsylvania Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Aug. 31, 2018

From the Game Commission

Bedford County Game Warden Jeremy Coughenour reports that unlawful ATV trails on cooperator property continue to be monitored by camera.

Perry County Game Warden Kevin P. Anderson Jr. reports an increase in the number of calls from the public regarding sick or injured wildlife during the summer months.

Cumberland County Game Warden John Fetchkan reports that calls about fawns believed to be abandoned increased this year. The best chance for a fawn to survive, no matter the circumstances, is to just let it alone. Additionally, Fetchkan reports archery hunters this fall may have to do a bit more scouting in different places because it appears the chestnut oak trees have been severely hampered by a blight. 

Adams County Game Warden Cory M. Ammerman reports that multiple charges were filed against two individuals after beating a white-tailed deer to death with a blunt object. One of the individuals recorded a video of the act and uploaded it to a social media website. This information was passed to the Game Commission. Charges for disturbance of wildlife and illegally killing a deer out of season were filed. If convicted, each individual could face $3,000 in fines. 

York County Game Warden Justin Ritter reports an individual pleaded guilty to conspiring to unlawfully take and sell a family of red foxes. Through investigation, the individual was also charged with and pleaded guilty to unlawfully possessing parts of big-game animals

From the Game Commission

Berks and Schuylkill counties Land Manager Dave Brockmeier reports that habitat crews have been busy finishing up plantings. There have been some dumping issues with tires that unfortunately divert the crews from habitat improvement. Also, culvert pipes have been cleaned and roads checked for damage due to recent flood events.

Bucks County Game Warden Shawna Burkett reports that, with the archery season quickly approaching, hunters in the Special Regulations Areas are reminded that though baiting permits are no longer required, the provisions of the permits must be followed. Common violations wardens encounter include failing to use an automatic spin feeder and the use of substances other than protein pellets or shelled corn. 

Chester County Game Warden Matthew Johnson reports that, so far in 2018, 15 people have been successfully prosecuted for graffiti on State Game Land 43. There are several more cases pending. Graffiti on rocks and trees has historically been a problem on certain parts of State Game Land 43, but there has been an especially large amount created this spring and early summer. These offenses have a long-lasting impact on our environment. Paint is very difficult to remove from rocks, and in areas near a waterway, the use of chemicals in clean-up is restricted because of detrimental effects to the watershed

Northampton County Game Warden Brad Kreider reports that people unlawfully picking up fawns and removing them from the wild occurred at a record pace this spring and summer. In many cases, this situation is corrected by issuing citations for unlawful possession.

From the Game Commission

Bradford County Game Warden Blake Barth reports a noticeable decrease in unlawful ATV activity on State Game Lands 12 and 36 during the summer months compared to prior years.  

Montour County Game Warden Michael College reports he has been receiving several complaints about the number of deer causing crop damage in WMU 4E. 

Sullivan County Game Warden Rick Finnegan reports that the Game Commission Woodland Tracking Team assisted several agencies in a recent search of a wooded area in Luzerne County for a wanted man. The subject was no longer in that area, but evidence was discovered that is aiding in the ongoing investigation.

Columbia County Game Warden Rick Deiterich reports that the shooting range on State Game Land 58 in Mifflin Township is now open. The range underwent several improvements including new shooting stations. 

Bradford County Game Warden Eric Kelly reports multiple individuals have pleaded guilty to unlawfully purchasing Pennsylvania resident hunting licenses last year.

Lackawanna County Game Warden Aaron Morrow reports that a Luzerne County woman was recently charged with the unlawful taking and killing of a Canada goose. She intentionally ran the goose over with her vehicle, ultimately killing the bird. The incident occurred in Paupack Township, Wayne County. 

Monroe County Game Warden Bryan Mowrer reports writing a total of 21 citations, and giving an additional 18 warnings, to a group of nine men found on State Game Land 129 having a bachelor party. The group drove vehicles behind a closed gate, set up tents, started a large fire, shot firearms, and were drinking alcohol. They also destroyed a food plot.

Susquehanna County Game Warden Ben Rebuck reports citing an adult individual for obtaining several hunting licenses without first completing a Hunter-Trapper Education course. The adult is also being cited for purchasing a junior license for his son who had also not completed a course.

Northumberland County Game Warden Jared Turner reports that multiple farmers were issued warnings for killing deer for crop damage and not reporting the kills within 24 hours.

Susquehanna County Game Warden Mike Webb reports several incidents in which persons removed animals from the wild. “This practice is unlawful and can be dangerous because of the risk of disease or injury,” said Webb.  “Every year, animals in Susquehanna County test positive for rabies, and a fox and a bat recently tested positive for the virus,” said Webb. 

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