A new spot for hunting and fishing

I whined about cabin fever a couple months ago, and I’m sorry to say that my outdoor drought continues – in most respects.

In May, I wrote to say I hoped I’d soon be telling you about enjoying wild turkey on the grill or pulling fish into the boat. Well, as of the first day of summer, the boat has yet to touch water, but I have enjoyed turkey on the grill. The bird dinner was donated by a friend, who I told you about, getting his first turkey in May.

In spite of the lack of opportunity recently, I feel that I’ve turned a corner. We were in the middle of moving from a place where we’d lived for nearly 30 years, and we’re now in a spot that will make trips to hunt and fish all the easier. There is deep- and shallow-water fishing within an easy paddle from the house, and that same paddle will take you to places to hunt ducks, geese, rabbits, grouse and deer. The scenery is incredible. I am a lucky man.

We’ve landed near a tiny boat ramp that I have been using for about 25 years. I can carry my stand-up paddleboard to it and, in a pinch, I could probably launch my 14-foot fishing/duck boat without the benefit of a truck to move the trailer. Although it’s a public launch, few people use it because of how shallow the water is – you need to push/paddle your little boat out a bit to get enough water to put the motor down. A few years ago, when the water was really low, it was difficult to launch even paddlecraft here.

I’ll whine no more. In the next post, you’ll see a fish, more than likely. It will probably be a lake herring, but it could be a whitefish or a nice smallmouth. But you might even see a turkey. Yes, a turkey.

A local business has been having some difficulties with damage caused by turkeys and the owner has secured a permit to shoot a few. My friend with the newfound turkey addiction has been helping out and has invited me to do the same. A turkey hunter’s gotta do what a turkey hunter’s gotta do.

Meanwhile, with the solstice behind us, the days are getting shorter. You know what that means – early goose, fall turkey, small game and early deer seasons can’t be far behind.

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