Michigan honing in on CWD plan

After months of talking with citizens and hunting and wildlife stakeholders and reviewing science regarding chronic wasting disease, the Michigan DNR is set to present CWD recommendations to the Natural Resources Commission at its next monthly meeting – Thursday, June 14, in Lansing. Recommendations will be presented during Committee of the Whole.

The department’s recommendations are the result of a six-month-long public engagement effort during which DNR staff and NRC members met with people around the state, hosted 11 public meetings, and offered online survey and comment opportunities, the DNR said in a new release Thursday, June 7. The recommendations are being presented for information to the commission, as part of the public input process.

The NRC will review, discuss and possibly modify recommendations before making a final decision at a future commission meeting. Comments may be submitted to the commission via email at NRC@michigan.gov.

The Natural Resources Commission meeting will take place June 14 at the Lansing Community College Downtown Campus, Health and Human Services Department, 515 North Washington Square, Conference Room HHS 005-0078.

Immediately following the Committee of the Whole, the commission will receive public comments. To register for public comment, contact Cheryl Nelson, executive assistant to the commission, at 517-284-6237 or nelsonc@michigan.gov. Those registering by 5 p.m. Friday, June 8, will be allowed up to five minutes to address the commission. Those registering after June 8 or at the meeting will be allowed up to three minutes. Registration cards will be available at the meeting.

Following public comments, the commission is scheduled to vote on statewide trout, salmon, whitefish, lake herring and smelt regulations, as well as Wildlife Conservation Order amendments governing furbearer regulations, squirrel and falconry season dates, and open/closed deer management units. Director Creagh then is expected to approve the results of the May 2018 oil and gas lease auction, as well as several land transactions.

For more information about the Natural Resources Commission, including full agendas and meeting minutes, visit michigan.gov/nrc.

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