Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – June 1, 2018

Northwest Zone– Captain Laura Petreikis

In Carroll County, CPO Palumbo investigated the unlawful take of a hen wild turkey during the spring 2018 turkey season. The hunter was issued a citation and a written warning, and the hen eastern wild turkey was seized.

In Henry County, CPO Posateri met with a landowner after his chickens and pheasants were attacked. The animal was positively identified with a trail camera, and the landowner was educated on the proper procedure for mitigating wildlife issues.

In Ogle County, CPOs Beltran, Teas, and Jones were prepared to testify in a 2016 fatal boat crash case when the defendant in the case accepted a plea deal from the State’s Attorney for reckless conduct (Class 4 felony). The sentencing hearing is set for June 19, 2018 at 9:00 in Courtroom 202 of the Ogle County Courthouse.

In Stephenson County, CPO Alt completed a five-month long investigation with the Michigan DNR involving unlawful outfitting involving white-tailed deer hunts without a license. Three separate groups, totaling seven nonresident hunters, unlawfully paid over $1,500 and $2,000 respectively to a “Pro Guide” in Michigan for the opportunity to hunt white-tailed deer in Illinois. The professional guide/hunter, who was also a nonresident, was not a licensed outfitter in Illinois and could not legally accept compensation or consideration from another to hunt deer in Illinois. Charges were authorized by the Stephenson County State’s Attorney’s Office.

In Boone County, CPO Alt received a complaint of an individual who unlawfully took deer or deer parts from the landscape without obtaining an inspection and salvage tag from a CPO. The investigation revealed the subject gave the deer parts to another citizen for mounting, which put both individuals in violation of the administrative rule. The violation was addressed with each subject, and a salvage tag was provided post inspection of the deer parts.

In Henderson County, CPO Elliott conducted a wildlife investigation involving an untagged turkey. The investigation resulted in the issuance of one citation for failure to tag immediately upon kill and one written warning for possession and transportation of an untagged turkey.

In Brown County, CPO Blakeley was checking turkey hunters who had successfully harvested a turkey when he notice a tally of birds harvested by the group of hunters written on a board. CPO Blakeley recognized several of the hunters on the board. Upon checking to see if the hunters had reported their harvest, it was discovered that one subject had not reported his kill. CPO Blakeley spoke with the hunter, and he stated he had forgot to report the harvest. The subject was issued a citation for failure to report his harvest. This subject had been warned by CPO Blakeley in the past for the same violation.

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley was asked to assist a wildlife rehabilitation facility with releasing a bald eagle he recovered earlier in the year. The bald eagle, “Poncho,” had made a full recovery; and the facility wished to have it released in the area it was found. As luck would have it, there was a Girl Scout meeting occurring near the release site. CPO Wheatley took advantage of the opportunity to educate the scouts and let them get an up close look of Poncho prior to release. They watched as Poncho walked out of the cage and flew off toward the Mississippi River. Poncho had lead poisoning, and it was learned that birds usually do not recover from that.

In Macoupin County, CPO Gushleff arrested a subject who initially had contact with a Macoupin County sheriff’s deputy. While the deputy was conducting a theft investigation at the subject’s residence, he noticed a deer carcass on the side of the subject’s house. The Deputy called CPO Gushleff after questioning the subject about the deer. CPO Gushleff began his own investigation. It was determined that the subject shot the deer with no hunting license, habitat stamp, or deer permits; and he was cited accordingly.

In Pike County, CPO Blakeley was on patrol and checking turkey hunters when he decided to check a property on foot. He was advised by the landowner that no one had permission to hunt the property. He located turkey decoys in a field and subsequently a hunter along the edge of the timber. The subject did not have his permits or hunting license in possession. The hunter was an adjacent landowner who only had landowner permits. The subject was issued a citation for hunting turkeys without a valid permit.

In Logan County, CPO Gilmer charged six individuals for killing deer from the roadway and vehicle in Edward R. Madigan State Fish and Wildlife Area. There is no deer hunting allowed at this site.

In Mason County, CPO Gilmer pulled a trammel net from the Illinois River with over 1,000 pounds of fish in it that had been in the River for over three weeks. The offender was cited for all the fish taken and given a court date. The net also included some dead ducks and sauger.

In Morgan County, While checking trout fishermen at Morgan Lake, CPO Wichern observed two fishermen catching catfish at the spillway. After a short observation period, he witnessed one of the fishermen place a largemouth bass less than 15 inches on his stringer. CPO Wichern inspected the individuals and determined the fisherman with the 10.5-inch bass was from Wisconsin and did not possess a valid nonresident fishing license. The second fisherman had also failed to purchase a 2018 fishing license. Both subjects were cited for the violations, and all the fish were successfully returned to the Lake.

In Sangamon County, CPO Macias received a call from a Springfield bank about a subject who was evicted from his home for lack of payment. Bank inspectors went to the home and discovered a dead deer in a plastic bag and a dead turtle hanging from a basketball hoop by a fishhook. CPO Macias was given the subject’s contact information, and he met with the individual. The subject admitted to accidentally hitting the deer with his vehicle. He said that he requested a local officer to put it down, and he took it home. He failed to report his roadkill to the DNR. He also admitted to finding a turtle in his backyard that “looked sick,” so he killed it. When asked about displaying the dead turtle on the basketball rim, the subject had no answer. A citation was issued for failure to report a roadkill deer. CPO Macias also educated the individual regarding animal game laws and ethics.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Brett Scroggins

In Lake County, CPO Knop received a call from a landlord saying one of their tenants had been sprayed by a skunk. When he arrived at the address, he saw a skunk in a live trap on the neighboring property near the tenant’s driveway. The trapper admitted he placed the trap, and the skunk had been in the trap for three days because he did not know what to do with it. A citation was issued, along with multiple warnings.

 In Kendall County, CPO Bergland is investigating the shooting of a robin with a shotgun for no apparent reason. During the investigation, it was learned that the subject’s FOID card has been revoked.

In Will County, While patrolling a Will County Forest Preserve District lake, CPO Reid conducted a compliance check of a fisherman who claimed he could not find his fishing license. The subject was positively identified to be a registered sexually violent predator and prohibited from entering parks and forest preserves. The individual was subsequently arrested for violating the Sex Offender Prohibited Zone and issued a citation for fishing without a license.

In Cook County, CPOs Thornley and Sanford conducted sport fish enforcement. CPO Thornley observed a man fishing from a dam, and he observed several fish in the man’s cooler. The man had a snag hook on his line. Both CPOs and the fisherman returned to the parking lot. CPO Thornley emptied the cooler of fish and determined that the fish were caught by illegal snagging methods. The man was issued a citation for snagging.

In Cook County, CPO Snodgrass conducted compliance checks of fishermen at Cook County quarries. He found a subject who was not in possession of a fishing license, but the subject said he did have a valid fishing license that he bought a few days prior. CPO Snodgrass ran a check on the subject, and it was determined that he had never possessed a license. Upon interviewing the subject further, he admitted to never purchasing a license. The subject was issued a citation for the violation.

In DuPage County, While assisting a citizen with questions about his boat registration at the IDNR Region II office in Bartlett, CPO Mooi could smell the distinct odor of burnt cannabis. CPO Mooi offered to assist the man out to his vehicle, so he could look at the vessel he brought in for inspection. Once outside the building, CPO Mooi asked the individual about the odor. The man stated, “I’m an old hippie, but I applied for a medical card.” CPO Mooi informed the man that without the card, possession was still a violation. The man gave consent for a search of his vehicle which uncovered approximately three grams of cannabis. A citation was issued for possession under ten grams.

In Macon County, CPO Wright is investigating a case involving a hen mallard that was found dead in a residential neighborhood. A woman saw the duck flying and heard a noise that sounded like a pellet gun. She said that she watched the mallard fall out of the sky. The bird was taken to the Illinois Raptor Center to be tested and x-rayed to find out if it was shot.

In Vermilion County, While patrolling the Little Vermilion River, CPO Cottrell issued a fisherman a citation for fishing without a valid license.

In Vermilion County, CPO Cottrell issued three written warnings to individuals entering posted closed turkey hunting areas on State sites.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

In Clark County, CPOs Greuel and Wellum investigated a report of a subject with pet squirrels in Villa Grove. The subject admitted to having the squirrels for a short time. Further investigation of the incident revealed illegal live traps on the property. The subject was issued warnings for taking wildlife out of the wild and trapping out of season.

In Moultrie County, CPO Moody cited an Arthur man for taking a large over-limit of crappie. He also cited a Hammond man for taking a large over-limit of crappie.

In Shelby County, CPO Greuel issued written warnings to mushroom hunters who had entered Hidden Springs State Forest prior to 1 p.m. during turkey season.

In Shelby County, CPO Mieure issued a Mattoon man a citation for over-limit of walleye, and he cited multiple individuals for various fishing violations at various bodies of water.

In Clinton County, CPO Tapley received a disposition in a case involving a subject who had been issued a citation for unlawfully attempting to take a deer during deer season at Eldon Hazlet State Recreation Area. The subject pled guilty and was fined $332.

In Monroe County, CPO Schachner was checking turkey hunters when he received a complaint of a subject shooting a goose on a pond.

Upon investigation, no evidence of the alleged violation was located; and the location/circumstances given in the complaint did not appear to fit with the scene. No additional information supporting the complaint was discovered, and the complainant refused to provide further details.

In Franklin County, CPO Williams received information from a contact concerning illegal road hunting near Royalton. It was reported the subject drove the rural roads shooting game from a truck. The vehicle and subject described in the information was located, and a loaded .22 caliber high-powered air rifle was in the front passenger seat. The driver advised he was driving around just plinking birds and such because he had nothing to do and could not get around well. The subject was cited for hunting from the roadway, illegal hunting with the use or aid of a vehicle, and transporting a loaded, uncased gun. The air rifle was seized as evidence.

In White County, CPO Schoenhoff received a report of an injured bald eagle. With the assistance of CPO Diggins, the injured bald eagle was captured and transported to Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

In White County, Sgt. Cariens and CPOs Schoenhoff and Williams assisted in the body recovery of an occupant from a semi that went off the roadway and into the Little Wabash River. The CPOs marked a location utilizing sonar, and divers successfully recovered the deceased.

In Crawford County, CPO Roper was contacted by an individual who wanted to report an injured osprey that was in a private campground. CPO Roper captured the bird without further injuring it, and it was taken to the TreeHouse Wildlife Center in Alton for rehabilitation.

In Crawford County, CPO Roper was contacted by an individual who wanted to report an injured red-tailed hawk at a residence. CPO Roper captured the bird without further injuring it, and it was taken for rehabilitation.

In Wayne County, CPO Buhnerkempe completed the investigation of a 2017 case regarding possible deer poaching. An interview was conducted, and it was discovered a hunter unlawfully killed an eight-point buck and a doe using another person’s deer permits. The next day he killed a third deer, an 11-point buck, using his own permit. He was issued five citations and a must appear court appearance in Wayne County Court.

In Union County, CPO Vasicek charged two subjects from Mississippi with unlawfully hunting wild turkey without consent of the landowner and unlawfully harvesting wild turkeys in Union County while possessing Alexander County permits.

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