Catch-and-release only for Anvil Lake walleyes

MADISON — The walleye bag limit on Anvil Lake in Vilas County is being reduced to zero/catch-and-release only, the Wisconsin DNR announced Friday, May 25.

The DNR is taking the action – effective immediately – after learning that Lac du Flambeau tribal members exceeded their permitted harvest of walleye from the lake. This exceedance of the permitted harvest represents 100 percent of allowable safe harvest for the lake in 2018.

The catch-and-release designation will be in effect for the remainder of the angling season, which runs through March 3, 2019 and applies only to walleye in Anvil Lake. The lake is primarily known for its northern pike, smallmouth bass and panfish fisheries. The zero-walleye bag limit does not apply to those species.

DNR Fisheries Bureau Director Justine Hasz points out that while the exceedance of safe harvest by Chippewa spearers does not represent an immediate threat to this fishery, reducing the walleye bag limit provides more options that DNR fisheries management can employ in protecting the fishery moving forward.

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