Spinning Tackle Creates Confidence – JVD Gives Himself An Edge On Elite Circuit

A lot of bass anglers avoid spinning tackle because they think that they lose the power and control of a baitcasting outfit. Not entirely true in all situations.  “Even fishing for big money on the B.A.S.S. Elite circuit, I’m more confident at times fighting a fish on spinning gear,” said Shimano pro staffer Jonathon Van Dam.

Growing up in Michigan, JVD – as he is known – has always chased smallmouth using spinning gear.  “And now, if I hook a 10-pound largemouth, I has no concerns fighting it on spinning gear because I have more control of the fish at the boat,” Jonathon said. “The technology Shimano offers in its new Stella FJ reels shine when a fish realizes it’s hooked and tries to make one last run. I know the drag will take over. If I hook a big smallmouth, I’ll back off the drag and fight it for a few minutes if needed to tire it out.”

For drop shotting, Van Dam uses a Stella 2500FJ size reel with the drag set just light enough so that line doesn’t zip out on the hook-set, “and more importantly, won’t bust off if it makes a last second run at the boat.” For deeper water, he’ll pair the 2500FJ with a G. Loomis NRX 822S DSR (drop shot) rod for the needed power to move fish. JVD uses an NRX 902S JWR (jig and worm) spinning rod when fishing shallow being that its softer action lends to long casts and the ability to absorb the power of charging fish.

“When it comes to spinning reels, the extra strength and rigid Hagane concept body found on the Stella FJ reels translates into more power and control over the fish as there is less torque on the reel,” notes JVD. “Paired with a MicroModule II gear system for unreal smoothness and great durability, plus Shimano’s HAGANE gears – having the best gears is really what Shimano is known best for in my book – it’s a reel that gives you all kinds of confidence – something you can’t have enough of when fishing the Elite circuit.”

Van Dam says he likes to fish fast, but that isn’t always what the fish want. “By using the 2500 size Stella that winds in 35 inches per crank, as opposed to the 4000 size at 40-inches, I can work my bait slower or faster depending on the mood of the fish.”

While fishing is what he does for a living, and having the best tackle available is sometime the extra edge needed to be in the money, Jonathon notes that anglers should also consider Shimano’s Stradic FK and Ultegra spinning reels series. “They are Shimano reels so you know you can’t go wrong,” said JVD. “And then look at the new G. Loomis E6X bass rods I helped introduce at the 2018 Bassmaster Classic. It’s a great line-up of 19 casting and 14 spinning technique specific rods for all kinds of bass fishing situations.”

Interested in seeing what Shimano’s new Stella spinning reels are all about? Check out this video.

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