Fast and furious walleye jigging tips for opener and early season open-water fishing [video]

Let’s rapid-fire roll through some jig tips when targeting walleye during May and June 2018.

Use a fast-action rod with a sensitive tip. The center part of the rod should offer power to set the hook and control the fish. As for length, I use a 7-foot-plus rod.

The correct jig weight will  tick – not plow – the bottom. Use heavier jigs in current, deep water, wind or around active walleyes. Experiment with your jigging – don’t live or die by the strict lift-and-drop. Hold it or cast it.

Use mono or fluorocarbon and avoid colored line. Tip your jig with fatheads, leeches and or plastics. Color is indeed a factor – change frequently and let fish tell you what they want.

Start with short-shanked jigs with minnows. Only use stingers for short biters. I avoid them if possible – alternatives are to drop the rod tip toward fish and let walleyes chew on the minnow before setting the hook. You can raise the jig up a few inches at a time to prompt a more forceful bite.

Boat control is very important – stay on a spot and work those fish. Understanding your electronics is key here.

Don’t wait for the classic walleye thump. Set the hook if you feel anything different. Concentrate on the rod and feel of your jig motion, then set the hook hard – and don’t be afraid to set it more than once.

Good luck this opener!


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