Tuesday, February 7th, 2023
Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

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Upper Red maintains four-walleye bag limit

Walleyes taken from Upper Red Lake just after opening weekend several years ago. Anglers fishing the northwestern Minnesota lake this open-water season will again be able to keep four walleyes. (Photo by Brian Peterson)

Anglers fishing Upper Red Lake this spring will again be able to keep four walleye, of which one may be longer than 17 inches, continuing the same regulation that was in place this past winter and the 2017 open-water season.

Harvest of the four-fish, one-over-17 regulation resulted in about 152,000 pounds for the winter season – a record high for winter harvest since reopening walleye fishing in 2006 – and there remains room within the target harvest range to allow this regulation to continue into the open-water season, the Minnesota DNR said in a news release Thursday, April 5.

Adjustments to size or bag limits may be needed in the future if the spawning stock needs more protection.

“These regulations serve a specific purpose now, but we want to be clear that eventually we may need to pull back,” said Gary Barnard, area fisheries supervisor in Bemidji for the DNR. “For now, the regulations meet our objectives by spreading harvest over a wide range of sizes and removing some of the surplus spawning stock.”

Red Lake’s walleye harvest is managed under a joint harvest plan, revised in 2015 by the Red Lakes Fisheries Technical Committee. An Upper Red Lake Citizen Advisory Committee reviewed previous season harvest totals and regulation options and recommended continuation of the current walleye regulation for the state waters of Upper Red Lake.

The revised harvest plan recommends an aggressive approach when walleye spawning stock is in surplus, as it currently is. The one-over component of this regulation replaced a protected slot limit in December 2015, and has been used ever since in combination with either a three- or four-fish bag limit.

According to the DNR, surplus spawning stock means that there are more adult spawners than needed for good reproduction, and removing some of the excess is good for the population since it will improve growth and survival of young fish.

More information on Upper Red Lake fishing regulations is available at mndnr.gov/regulations/fishing.

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