Spreading the wealth is an enjoyable part of the hunt

It’s often been said that a deer hunter’s favorite three words are: “There he is!”

While finding your deer on a successful hunt is certainly the highlight of the day for most hunters, I think my favorite four words are: “Try some of this.”

I thoroughly enjoy a delicious backstrap delicately seasoned and carefully seared over a bed of glowing coals, or a simmering bowl of hearty venison stew on a chilly afternoon.

I equally enjoy sharing that bounty with family and friends. I’ve realized over the years that the best way of sharing some of this delicious, protein-rich venison – especially with my non-hunting friends – is by turning a portion of my stash into summer sausage, hunter sticks, pepperoni and jerky.

A good friend and hunting buddy of mine has the recipes for such gourmet delicacies down pat. Each year after the hunting seasons end a group of us gather at his smoke house and work together to make up some treats. It’s hard work – there’s additional trimming of the meat, grinding, mixing and turning the crank on the sausage press –  but by making it a group project we turn an otherwise daunting task into an enjoyable afternoon, and the take away is to die for.

Steaks and chops, roasts and stew are all tasty and I wouldn’t trade any of them for a pocket full of money, but I’m hooked on venison snacks, too.

If you have some extra steaks or roasts in the freezer and are looking for an alternative way of preparing them, consider turning some if your venison meals into venison snacks. Most big-box outdoors retailers have pre-measured seasonings and recipes for making your own sausage or jerky along with directions on how long and at what temperature to smoke/cook them. Home-sized grinders and sausage stuffers are also readily available for a nominal price.

If you’re looking for an alternative to your standard venison cuts, take an afternoon and make up some tasty treats.

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