Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame: Time to nominate your favorite angler

Lake Superior guide Josh Huff (l) took Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame inductee Forrest Wood to one of his favorite smallmouth spots in Chequamegon Bay, where they landed some hefty bass. Wood has had a tremendous impact on the sport of fishing, which is why he was recognized in the Hall of Fame. The first step toward gaining induction is nominating that worthy individual for the honor. (Photo by Tim Lesmeister)

The Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame has a museum at its headquarters in Hayward, Wis. The facility is a wonderful place to become immersed in the evolution of a sport that has been part of the social fabric of this country for generations.

Members of the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame receive a quarterly newsletter that keeps them abreast of what’s happening and contains some excellent articles from current hall-of-famers who have been recognized by the Hall for their contributions to the sport of fishing around the world.

Honorees include anglers from fishing pioneer Izaak Walton to some who might be less well-known, like Seth Green. But one thing is for sure: Every hall-of-famer has had an impact on the resources, the techniques we use, the lures at our disposal, or the ability to fish resources through someone else’s knowledge and expertise. This tiny fraternity runs the gamut from guides to communicators to tournament anglers to scientists and biologists, promoters, and industry pioneers. 

Some might believe that only those with wide-ranging celebrity status get into the Hall of Fame, and those with only a regional or local presence are ignored. That is not the case. There are legendary guides known for a particular resort and a specific body of water who have been inducted into the Hall. Through their many years of promoting the sport and their consistent focus on giving their clients the best possible fishing experience, they earned the honor.

I am fortunate to be part of the selection process for Hall of Fame induction, and every year I get to monitor the process of selecting individuals for this recognition. The first and most important step in the process is sending in an application.

There are many individuals who should be in the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame who simply don’t receive nominations. It’s not a difficult process – it’s actually quite simple. We on the committee discuss every year the fact that a particular individual has never been nominated, even though they possess the perfect qualifications.

So if you know someone you truly believe deserves to be honored by the Hall of Fame, go to, where you’ll see all the information you need along with forms to fill out online.

While on the website, peruse the list of current inductees. It is amazing to see who has been awarded this distinction and the career accomplishments that validated their admittance into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.

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