Tim Lesmeister

The evidence points to Alaska

A guided trip for halibut in Alaska is only as fun as the crew can make it. Jason and Tim Lesmeister had a phenomenal crew on a recent trip with Puffin Fishing Charters. On the left is Megan Schrantz and on the right is Maria Yungbauer, and both Tim and Jason will admit the fish they caught were directly related…

Thieving dolphins and mellow manatees: Open-water action off Florida’s Gulf Coast [video]

Tim Lesmeister finds that many of the same technological tools that freshwater anglers employ – like underwater cameras – improve his fishing success near Tampa Bay, Fla. Categories: Blog Content, Fishing, Illinois Videos, Michigan Videos, Minnesota Videos, New York Videos, Ohio Videos, Pennsylvania Videos, Tim Lesmeister, Wisconsin Videos Tags: Fishing, Outdoor News, Tim Lesmeister