Florida rampaging turkeys safe – at least until hunting season

Wild turkeys are terrorizing a neighborhood in Seminole County, Fla., but the law sides with the birds.

Residents say the turkeys showed up a few weeks ago and promptly began charging at children and pecking cars.

“Everybody who is outside or drives their car through the neighborhood has been stopped by the turkeys,” Katie Justice, a resident of the Wingfield Reserve neighborhood, told Orlando’s WKMG News 6. “We’ve had bears, all kinds of wildlife, deer all the time, but turkeys are not anything I ever could’ve imagined that we would have a problem with.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials are planning a visit to survey the turkey trouble.

But they told local news outlets the birds are protected as a game species, making it illegal to shoot them before the hunting season begins in March. After that, a hunting license would be required.

Until then, officials advise residents not to feed the turkeys and to “raise your voice” and squirt them with water if they get too close.

— Greenwire

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