Sunday, January 29th, 2023
Sunday, January 29th, 2023

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Worth the expense? Today’s top-end bows nearly all cost more than $1,000

Today’s flagship bows easily will cost $1,000, if not much more. Before taking the plunge, consider your bow budget, what you really need out of a hunting rig, and much more.

People ask me a lot about new bows, especially this time of year when the freshest flagships have just hit the market. This year, as in most, there is a fair amount of buzz around the latest releases but also a tempered excitement that comes from seeing the price tags.

Most of the top-end bows on the market start at $1,000 and climb from there. In some cases, that increase takes them to $1,700 for a bare bow. That’s a lot of cheese for a weapon that will be old news in a couple of years. What’s worse is that when you consider adding accessories and other necessary accoutrements, you’re looking at a no-joke investment.

So, is it necessary?

The easy answer is no. You can kill a deer with a 25-year-old bow. You can also find package deals on the market for $500 or less that will provide everything you need to go from the archery pro shop to the woods, except for arrows.

Now, I don’t want to discourage anyone from saving their money and shopping for a new flagship bow. Anyone who does, and who does their research to find the right bow, will be happy with their purchase. Those new bows carry a hefty price tag because there is a lot of engineering wizardry behind them, and they are built from the best materials out there. This translates to lightweight, highly efficient bows that are fun to shoot. There is definitely some value in that, but it’s up to the individual to decide just how much.

And no matter your price range, take some shots with your most likely candidates. There is no other way to truly know which bow you’ll like best. This can be a hard step to take for many of us because we develop a serious loyalty toward certain brands. The catch is that most bow companies are cranking out killer offerings these days. That means your favorite company is probably doing just that, but so are the competitors, one of which might just work better for you.

Keep an open mind to go with an open pocketbook and you’ll end up making the right choice.

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