An angler’s dilemma: boat battery and winter storage

The most expensive part of my fishing gear sits on a concrete pad behind my garage. Yes, it is my boat, but it is more than just a boat. It is a very important tool that is cherished and not taken for granted.

Just because you winterize your boat does not mean that the boat cannot still be utilized. There are just a few extra steps to take to make sure that the boat is ready for when the weather permits.

I have stumbled upon a controversial point about storing the boat and that is the way to store your batteries. My personal boat utilizes wet cells like many others do, too.

Some have them removed and put in a warm environment. This is not convenient when you want to get out and fish during the warmer weather that may occur during the winter.

In my opinion, there really is no reason to remove the batteries and store them in a remote location. As long as they have a full charge, they can be left in the boat so that you are ready to go when the weather might break.

If you have easy access to your batteries, then I suppose that removing them is not going to hurt anything. But if you just give them a full charge before putting the cover on, there really is no reason to take them out.

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