Ohio continues to grow WILD School Site program

MANSFIELD, Ohio – The Ohio Bird Sanctuary (OBS) was recently dedicated as an official WILD School Site, according to the Ohio DNR. The Sanctuary is the 175th site dedicated in Ohio and the second in Richland County.

OBS partnered with the ODNR Division of Wildlife as well as the Wilderness Center Chapter of the Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalists to design and install a chimney swift tower on OBS property. According to a DNR release, the tower provides much-needed roosting and nesting shelter to these declining, insect-eating, cavity-living birds.

In addition to the tower project, OBS has created or nurtured over 90 acres of meadow, riparian, and old growth forest habitat for countless birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects, the release said.

The WILD School Sites program is considered an action extension of the national Project WILD program, according to the release. Through this program, learning is brought to life by reconnecting children to the outside world while teaching everyday subjects through a specially designed curriculum, according to the release.

Learn more about wildlife-related programs and grant funding in Ohio at wildohio.gov.

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