Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars – Sept. 22, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Jones arrested a Lanark man after a complaint was made that he shot four turkeys in Lanark. The man was issued citations for use or aid of a conveyance, unlawful take of turkey, and hunting without a license. He was issued warnings for over the limit turkey, no habitat stamp, uncased gun, hunting within 100 yards of a dwelling, and no turkey permit.

CPO Palumbo issued a Tampico man a citation and written warning for displaying a “look alike” Co2 air pistol at his campsite in Morrison Rockwood State Park. This caused the campground host and park ranger to become alarmed and disturbed as they made attempts to collect delinquent fees and notify the subject that he had stayed the maximum allowable days to camp.

CPO Alt checked shore fishermen at Candlewick Association Lake. One fisherman was found to be fishing without valid sport fishing license as required, and the subject complained to CPO Alt that he should not have to obtain a fishing license due to the Association lake being a private body of water. After explaining association lakes are not exempt bodies of water, the subject followed CPO Alt and watched him check two other shore fishermen. These two anglers were found to not possess fishing licenses, but they were exempt due to being under age 16. Once the check was completed, the original subject approached CPO Alt and asked why the youths were not cited. CPO Alt explained they were exempt from the fishing license requirement under the code due to their age. The subject begrudgingly disapproved and stormed off in anger saying if he needed to have a fishing license, so should all anglers regardless of age.

While completing watercraft safety inspections of recreational boats at the Martin Park Boat Launch, CPO Alt observed a large pontoon boat traveling on plane through the posted no wake zone within a few feet of the launch area creating a hazardous wake or wash. CPO Alt hailed the boat to shore to inform the operator of the violation observed and to complete a boat safety inspection of the watercraft. The inspection revealed the operator was not using the lanyard cut off tether, a child passenger under age eight was not wearing a PDF, the battery was not strapped to the hull, the bright orange 12-inch ski tow flag was displayed and not taken down despite the fact they were no longer pulling a skier/tuber, and there was an expired Wisconsin registration displayed on the bow when valid two-year old Illinois decals were found in the glove box of the boat and not displayed as required.

CPO Davis was checking a fisherman on the Fox River in Island Lake when he found an illegal largemouth bass hidden in a false bottom of a cooler. The subject had admitted to only catching bluegill; but after the bass was discovered, he stated he kept it due to it swallowing the hook. He was cited for failure to immediately release short largemouth bass (8¾ inches).

CPO Alt responded to a two-car property damage only vehicle crash in the concession stand parking lot at Rock Cut State Park. The investigation revealed a Chicago Suburb School District Van pulled into a parking stall at an angle over the parking lot lane line, striking an adjacent motor vehicle which was parked and occupied. The driver was cited for disobeying a traffic control device, and a crash report was completed. A tow agency was called to the scene to separate the two vehicles to avoid further damage to each vehicle.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Knop was working at Illinois Beach State Park when he noticed a scantily dressed individual walking the Lake Michigan shore line in a nervous manner. CPO Knop thought it was suspicious how the person kept looking back with binoculars at the path he had just traveled and decided to watch the person from a position of concealment. Not long after, the individual set up multiple cameras and conducted what appeared to be a personal nude photo shoot. The subject was issued citations for being in a restricted area and nudity in a state park.

CPO Ausmus cited a Burbank man for wanton waste/fish abandonment. Weeks ago, the District 4 CPO received a tip from a paddler on the Des Plaines River that someone at the Columbia Woods access was catching bullheads and throwing them on the bank to die. The complainant had a very limited description and was delayed in reporting the crime. The CPOs gave Columbia Woods an extra patrol when they could. CPO Ausmus found a subject fishing. When asked if he caught anything, the man replied, “just little bullheads.” CPO Ausmus asked him how many he kept. The man said, “none.” CPO Ausmus asked how many bullheads had the man thrown into the weeds. The man dropped his head and said he threw three up on the bank. CPO Ausmus educated the man on the wanton waste law and issued him a citation.

CPO Stanbary issued two written warnings for no valid sport fishing licenses while patrolling Wolf Lake. A motorist was issued a written warning for no valid driver’s license after CPO Stanbary learned that the woman had drove her family to the park. Neither she or her husband had valid licenses. Arrangements were made for a licensed driver to remove the vehicle from the park, and alternate transportation was secured.

At a Cook County lake, CPO Stanbary issued a citation to a fisherman for no valid sport fishing license. Warnings were issued to other fishermen for license not in possession and no valid fishing license. Six vessel inspections were completed also completed.

CPO Thornley stopped a vehicle for driving erratically inside William Powers SRA and learned the operator of the vehicle did not possess his glasses. The driver contacted his son and asked his son to bring his glasses to him. The driver was issued a written warning for improper lane usage..

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Mieure assisted Coles County sheriff deputies at the speedway on a call involving a man brandishing a firearm in the grandstand. The subject was located shortly after arrival and taken into custody. He was taken to the Coles County Jail on an outstanding warrant, but local charges were not filed after it was determined the firearm he was waving around was a folding knife made to resemble a pistol.

Sgt. Williamson was notified of an unconscious man in a boat at Dawson Lake in Moraine View State Park. Upon arriving at the scene, it was discovered that two people got a rowboat from the concessions and returned the boat with the unconscious man to shore where Leroy EMS was waiting. The man was rushed to the hospital but was unable to be revived. Initial indications were that the man had a massive heart attack. Upon interviewing his fishing partner, it was found that the Iron River, Wisconsin, man was holding the boat while his friend parked the boat and trailer. When the man exited the truck, he saw his friend fall into the boat that they had just launched. He was unable to swim, so he called 911 for help.

Sgt. Williamson and CPO Wright received a complaint of an abandoned boat in the restricted area at Clinton Lake Beach. The boat had been reported to have been there unattended for at least 12 hours. They checked the boat, and it was unoccupied. With the boat being in a restricted area and a danger to beach users, the boat was towed to the marina. Upon investigation, the owner was found, but the person was not the registered owner. The current owner bought the boat two years ago, but failed to register. Also, the current owner was attempting to sell the boat without having title and registration in his name. Further investigation is being done by CPO Graden.

CPOs Wright and Viverito arrested a female that had been drawing obscene images on the wall of the shower house at Clinton Lake. The Decatur woman admitted to vandalizing the bathrooms on three separate occasions.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Wheatley received a disposition on a 47-year-old Carthage man and a 33-year-old LaHarpe man. Each were ordered to pay $427 and both were placed on a six-month court supervision for advertising outfitting services while not in possession of an outfitter permit.

While on patrol, CPO Wheatley saw a LaHarpe man and woman fishing in Niota and noticed a kayak in their proximity. After inquiring about a water usage sticker for the kayak and fishing licenses, none of the requested items were available. Citations and written warnings were issued for the infractions. The male subject returned a wanted-on warrant status out of Henderson County for a first appearance on a burglary charge. He was taken into custody without incident and relayed to Henderson County where he was lodged awaiting bail.

CPOs Gushleff, Liebl and Lentz responded to a call of carbon monoxide poisoning on a house boat in the Grafton Marina. While inside the cabin, two subjects collapsed and became unconscious. The owner of the boat was with the two victims but did not succumb to the suspected carbon monoxide poisoning as they did. The owner got out of the boat and called 911. Emergency personnel from Jersey County Sheriff’s Department, Grafton PD, QEM Fire, and Arch Helicopter responded to the scene. The two victims were flown to different hospitals in St. Louis. The incident is under investigation.

CPO Tapley handled a traffic crash at the West Spillway access road below the dam at Carlyle Lake. The driver was driving too fast and struck the guardrail, which fortunately prevented the vehicle from driving into the Kaskaskia River. A passenger was transported to the hospital due to her injuries. The driver was issued a citation for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

CPO Schachner completed a criminal investigation in which a man (later determined to be a convicted felon) intentionally discharged a shotgun multiple times at two fishermen. The fishermen were in a boat on an oxbow of the Kaskaskia State Fish and Wildlife Area. The boat and one of the fishermen was struck by shot resulting in minor injury. Just prior to the shooting, the shooter (who was very close to the fishermen but located on the bank) had a brief “discussion” with them about boats repeatedly violating the “no wake area.” The shooter quickly became irate; began cursing the fishermen and produced a shotgun and shot in the air and then at the fishermen. Inexplicably, the fishermen he shot at were fishing slowly using a trolling motor and were not violating the wake. The victims managed to obtain several cell phone pictures of the shooter (over their shoulder) as they escaped. After receiving notice of the crime the following day, CPO Schachner and CPO Liebl secured critical evidence and statements. Several suspects were quickly identified, and CPO Schachner (initially assisted by Sgt. Manker and later CPO Sievers) was able to eliminate several suspects via interviews. Later, the primary suspect was positively identified by one of the victims in a photo lineup. CPO Schachner interviewed the primary suspect and obtained his admission to the shooting. Appropriate felony charges will be sought through Randolph County.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPOs Folden and Smith arrested two boat operators at Rend Lake North Marcum Boat Ramp for operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. One boat operator’s breath alcohol content was .192 percent. The second operator’s breath alcohol content was .105 percent.

CPOs Smith, Jourdan, and Folden investigated a minor boat accident involving two jet skis. There were no injuries, and the damage was less than $2,000. CPOs Folden and Smith towed one jet ski and assisted two vessel occupants. CPO Folden issued one operator a citation for failure to transfer a certificate of number. CPO Jourdan issued another operator a citation for a navigation rule violation.

CPOs Smith and Roper were patrolling the Wabash River in Crawford and Lawrence counties and observed a person fishing from a kayak. The CPOs approached the kayak and found the person to be without a life jacket and fishing license. CPO Smith issued one citation for no life jacket and one citation for no fishing license. The CPOs escorted the kayak back to the place the individual launched it from. CPO Smith issued a written warning to a boat operator.

A report came in that an unoccupied boat was circling at Forbes Lake. CPOs Smith and Taylor responded to the area. The operator of the boat was thrown out of the boat after hitting his own wake. The boat came back around, and he was struck by the prop. The subject sustained a large laceration on his left wrist and hand but swam to shore. The subject was taken to the hospital in Salem. CPO Smith spoke with the man and determined the subject was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. The subject provided a breath sample indicating a BAC of .123 percent.

CPOs Williams and Murry were on patrol at Cedar Lake. A disabled boat was towed to the Pomona Launch. Upon returning to the patrol, two people were found in the water because their canoe tipped over. Both were wearing life jackets. There were three family members in kayaks trying to assist them. They indicated it had happened within a minute of us arriving. The two individuals were placed in our boat. The CPOs un-swamped the canoe and secured their things.

CPO Somers received information of the unlawful take of a timber rattlesnake. CPO Somers spoke with the suspect who was in possession of a freshly killed 4-foot timber rattlesnake. The rattlesnake was seized and turned over to the natural heritage biologist.

CPO Taylor investigated a trailer hauling logs that had broken down along side of the road. Further investigation revealed the trailer and logs belonged to a subject that was acting as a timber buyer but did not have a timber buyer license. The subject was issued two citations for not having a timber buyer license and transporting more than two logs without proof of ownership.

CPO Compton was working Forbes Lake with CPO Roper when he observed a personal watercraft overloaded with too many occupants. CPOs Compton and Roper conducted a boat stop on the watercraft. It was discovered the personal watercraft was designed to carry up to three people. The watercraft was occupied by three occupants on the watercraft as well as two occupants on an inflatable tube that was being towed by the watercraft, for a total of five occupants.

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