Sunday, February 5th, 2023
Sunday, February 5th, 2023

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DNR explains approach to hunting regs errors

The Minnesota DNR in late August issued a news release that outlined a number of errors printed in the regulations booklet hunters receive when they buy their licenses. While errors occur just about every year in the regs book, which this year clocked in at 132 pages, the agency decided to call attention to them because there were “more than average,” according Paul Telander, DNR Wildlife Section chief.

The correct information is pasted below – and has been updated on the regulations portion of the agency’s website – but several people have emailed and called asking what would happen if people got pinched while afield because they adhered to what was printed in the regulations book. (Permit Area 344 in the southeastern part of the state, for example, was listed in the regs book as being a managed deer area, when in fact it’s a hunter choice area. The deer limit is two in managed areas and one in hunter choice areas.)

DNR Enforcement officials say officers will exercise a high degree of discretion when it comes to errors in the printed regulations book.

“If folks were relying in good faith on the synopsis, we’re not likely to issue a citation for that,” said Maj. Todd Kanieski, DNR Enforcement operations manager.

Lt. Col. Greg Salo, assistant director of the Enforcement Division, said that if people run afoul of the law based on what they read in the printed regulations booklet, “We’ll use a lot of discretion and education.” Officers also recommend that hunters check the online, corrected version of the regulations before heading afield.

Following is the correct information, both from the foldout deer map and the hunting regulations book:

According to the DNR, the following information was wrong in the regulations book. The corrected information appears online and below:

  • The special youth deer hunt schedule on Page 36 should include information on a hunt at Blue Mounds State Park. Mention of the hunt on Page 87 should be deleted. The hunt is being held Nov. 18 and 19. There are 10 permits available.
  • The closing date for a proposed late season deer hunt on Page 62 is Jan. 14.
  • The list of permit areas for which the landowner license is valid on Page 67 should include Permit Area 218.
  • The bag limit is three for the special archery deer hunt in the city of New Ulm on Page 93.
  • The special firearms deer hunts list that begins on Page 85 should include a special hunt at Zumbro Falls Scientific and Natural Area in Wabasha County from Nov. 18-26. It is hunt number 923.
  • Dates for the special firearms deer hunt at Vermillion Highlands Research, Recreation and WMA on Page 86 should be Nov. 4-17.
  • Firearms deer licenses for the A and B season are valid for the Carver Park Reserve special hunt on Page 87.
  • The Itasca State Park special hunt on Page 85 has a bag limit of three.

According to the DNR, the following information was wrong in the foldout map. The correct information appears online and below:

  • There are 500 antlerless permits in Permit Area 197; 300 in Permit Area 262; 150 in Permit Area 269; 25 in Permit Area 270; 350 in Permit Area 271; 200 in Permit Area 272; and 100 in Permit Area 297.
  • The list of affected permit areas related to the section titled “Deer Permit Area Boundary Changes Along the Moose Range” should include permit areas 178 and 181.
  • Permit Area 340 under the hunter choice deer area heading doesn’t exist and should be deleted.
  • Permit Area 344 is hunter choice; permit areas 341, 342, 343, and 347 are managed; and Permit Area 346 is intensive. According to Telander, 344 had been listed as managed. The agency is sending postcards to all hunters who hunted in Permit Area 344 last year to ensure they understand it’s designated as hunter choice, not managed.

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