Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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Nominate a do-good hunting type for the 2017 Wisconsin DNR Ethical Hunter Award

Panelists are now accepting nominations for the 2017 Wisconsin DNR Ethical Hunter award, with the winner announced in early 2018. Nominations remain open through Dec. 31. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

Here’s a way to help keep poachers and the few other illegal hunting acts from getting all the ink, air time, and publicity. Or at least put a few good guys in and on the news now and then.

Twenty years ago a group of three men made a connection with the Wisconsin DNR and a newspaper and created the Wisconsin DNR Ethical Hunter Award.

Each year, save one, a person was presented with plaques and other items of recognition and honored as the ethical hunter of the year. Recently the award has been generalized to make any hunter, regardless of gender or age, eligible.

The 2016 ethical hunter is just now getting recognized, but the 2017 winner won’t have to wait that long, probably as soon as March of 2018. In addition, there is now a business sponsor, Vortex Optics, that is donating a generous package of gear.

The nominations come from the public and are to recognize a person whose actions are consistent with the theme of the award, which is to demonstrate actions that reflect positively on the tradition of hunting. The first winner, in 1997, found and traced a deer that had fallen off a truck back to the hunter who registered the deer.

Those nominated must be licensed Wisconsin hunters, hunting any game animal, during a particular calendar year. This, 2017, is the next calendar year that will have a winner. And the person helped in a positive way by a hunter need not be a hunter. Past winners have assisted hunters, wardens, landowners, lost individuals, and injured persons.

Contact Jerry Davis at sivadjam@mhtc.net or (608) 924-1112 with nominees for the 2017 award

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