Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Please don’t cite the Wisconsin Deer Trustee Report to me anymore – I’ve heard enough

A year ago, Wisconsin began a five-year deer study in southwest Wisconsin to determine, in part, the impact of predators on deer. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

Every time I hear about of the debacle of spending $150,000 – plus the expenses that have not been revealed – to pay a Texan by the name of Dr. James Kroll to come to Wisconsin to tell us how to manage deer, I usually cease reading or listening.

Most notations to the pretender Ph.D. go something like this: “Rules implementing the 2012 deer trustee report establish …”

It’s 2017. That was long ago and everyone would like to forget it and move on. Don’t keep reminding us as to how you misused our money and how we let you do it. It’s not going to change the outcome or erase the wrongs.

Is this an excuse to say, “We really do not believe what we are going to tell you in this report, but he made us do it this way and we have to stick with it”?

Or maybe it’s saying this was a great idea spending this money, our time and the DNR staff time coming up with this report?

Still, it could be crediting the politicians involved in this debacle and poking us in the eye with a stick, reminding us that they pulled one over on us.

Or maybe it boils down to a failure of so many to understand science (which usually gets in the way of things for an individual, not the people, environment, the earth).

Please stop it and stop it now. Take the culpability and live with it.  Don’t suggest you didn’t have a choice in the end. Don’t suggest things are better now than before. We, the people of Wisconsin and the wildlife biologists and managers, could have done far better if left to ourselves.

Slowly some things are getting a do-over, but the do-over continues to have this cloud over us of the devil made me do it.

Let’s hope we have not dug in too deeply to come back above ground for the sake of Wisconsin’s natural resources, our resources, our water, air, wildlife, fish and ecosystems.

One of the key words here may be natural. I believe that is not synonymous with domestic or domesticated wildlife.

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