Change at the top for Division of Wildlife

Mike Miller
Columbus — There’s been a change of leadership at the top of the Ohio DNRDivision of Wildlife.
Out is Ray Petering, a former fisheries administrator who retired from that position only to return to the Division of Wildlife in late 2015 as its chief.
In is Mike Miller, also a familiar face in ODNR circles.
Miller’s most recent position was with the DNR Parks and Watercraft as its boating law administrator. Through a career that has spanned 28 years with ODNR, Miller served nearly 20 years of that tenure as a commissioned wildlife officer and wildlife officer supervisor. Miller also served as chief of the Division of Watercraft, a position he had held since 2014, according to ODNR.
Miller was named chief of the Division of Wildlife on Wednesday, July 5 by DNR Director James Zehringer.
Miller has extensive training as a wildlife officer, including being honored as the Shikar Safari wildlife officer of the year, Ohio State Grange police officer of the year, Turn in a Poacher officer of the year, and Ohio Bowhunters Association officer of the year.
We’ll report much more on this story in the July 21 issue of Ohio Outdoor News.
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