Silver carp found 9 miles from Lake Michigan

This silver carp was captured 9 miles from Lake Michigan in June 2017.

CHICAGO — The Illinois DNR and the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee today (Friday, June 23) announced the preliminary finding of a silver carp in the Illinois Waterway below T.J. O’Brien Lock and Dam, approximately nine miles from Lake Michigan.

The fish was captured with a gill net by a contracted commercial fisher the morning of June 22 as part of the ACRCC Monitoring Response Work Group’s seasonal intensive monitoring event. The silver carp was 28 inches long and weighed approximately 8 pounds. The fish has been sent to Southern Illinois University for additional analysis.

The silver carp find triggers two additional weeks of intense sampling in the area, as outlined in the ACRCC’s Contingency Response Plan. This preliminary finding does not confirm that a reproducing population of Asian carp currently exists above the electric dispersal barriers or within the Great Lakes, the ACRCC said in a news release Friday.

In eight consecutive years of intensive monitoring and fish sampling in the Chicago Area Waterway System, this is the second time a bighead or silver carp has been found above the electric dispersal barriers. A bighead carp was found in Lake Calumet in 2010.

For more, see the July 13 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

– Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee 

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