No new state record — muskie turns out to be a pure fish, not a tiger

Excitement about a potential new state record tiger muskie was calmed when scientists at the Illinois Natural History Survey confirmed that the 36-pounder landed by Terry Livingston was instead a pure muskie — and, as a result, a couple of pounds short of the record.

“It was a pure muskie not a tiger,” DNR Fisheries Chief Dan Stephenson said late last week. “It was  beautiful fish and looked like a tiger to me, but again, that’s why we do the testing. Our biologist, Rob Miller, has been in contact with the angler to let him know. He was understandably disappointed but still happy with the fish — 36 pounds, 0.4 ounces is a very nice muskie in anybody’s book.”

Mark Davis at the INHS sent an email with his notes:

“The samples presented some technical difficulties, hence the delay in delivery of our results,” explained Davis. “However, we have completed our assessment. It is our determination that the putative record fish is in fact not a hybrid tiger muskellunge, but is indeed a pure muskellunge.”

So the sudden rush of state record fish will not include a new tiger muskie record.

Read more about this finding in the June 16 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.

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