Bill would reverse decision on senior lifetime license holders, pheasant stamp in Pennsylvania

Last year it cost the Pennsylvania Game Commission $26 to raise and stock a pheasant. To defray the costs of the pheasant program, a few months ago game commissioners created a pheasant-hunting permit that will be required of all adult hunters who want to pursue stocked birds this fall, including those who hold a senior lifetime license. That has angered some older hunters, who claimed the commission has reneged on a promise.

One of them persuaded State Rep. Brian Cutler, R-Lancaster, to compose a bill to overturn the board’s decision. He is seeking co-sponsors for proposed legislation that would allow senior lifetime license holders to continue hunting pheasants without having to buy a permit.

“In the near future, I intend to introduce legislation to amend Title 34 with regard to special licenses and permits, providing for permit exemptions for senior lifetime license holders,” Cutler wrote in an April 26 memo to lawmakers seeking co-sponsors,

“As you may know, the Game Commission recently passed a regulation requiring pheasant hunters to obtain a $25 permit to hunt pheasants. It was brought to my attention by a senior resident in my district who had obtained a senior lifetime resident hunting license that he would now be required to pay additional fees to hunt pheasants, which had previously been included in the lifetime resident hunting license.”

His bill, Cutler said, would allow “any hunter who had purchased a lifetime resident hunting license prior to July 1, 2017 to continue hunting pheasants, or any other species that may require a permit, previously included under their current license without incurring the additional fee, as they had expected upon purchasing their license.”

Although Cutler’s bill has yet to be formally introduced or assigned a bill number, if you strongly support or oppose it you should let your state representative know. You can find email addresses and phone numbers for lawmakers at this website:

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