Great Lakes anglers asked to watch for tagged fish

Those who fish Michigan's Great Lakes may catch a walleye with one of two types of tags: a jaw tag or a disk tag (both pictured here). Those who do are asked to report it to the DNR. (Michigan DNR)

LANSING, Mich. — Michigan wildlife officials are asking anglers to report any Great Lakes fish they catch that are marked and tagged.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has used a coded-wire tag program to mark various fish species since the 1980s. The marking provides data for biologists studying fish movements and the value of naturally reproduced fish versus stocked fish.

The tags are implanted in the fish’s snout and are too small to see. But those that have been tagged can be identified because their adipose fin has been removed. That’s the small, fleshy fin between the dorsal and tail fins.

An angler who catches a tagged fish then can record needed information, remove and freeze the fish’s snout, and drop it off at a designated location.

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