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How Outdoor News Engages Youth

If you believe your business would benefit from influencing new demographics and want to find a way to get in front of the youth audience, you’ll want to read this.

According to the US. Fish and Wildlife Service, there are nearly 15 million people age 16 or older purchase a hunting license each year and about 28.5 million people in that same age bracket who buy a fishing license annually. It’s no secret that today’s young adults are the demographic that will have the most influence on the future hunting and fishing experiences, but the mystery seems to be how to effectively reach them.

If you’ve toyed with adding television to your marketing mix, consider that as early as 2015, a *PEW Research Center survey suggested that as many as one-in-seven Americans have turned away from cable or satellite TV subscriptions. Ask any parent if they would rather see their kid reading or watching television and the response is undeniably going to tip the scales towards print-based avenues.

Outdoor News remains committed to growing the pipeline of new hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts.


  • We’re doing it by adding compelling content such as expanded shooting-specific coverage by high caliber writers including the respected authority on the topic, Ron Spomer.
  • We partner with groups, including the USA Clay Target League, to reach the families who are exploring this growing sport.
  • Outdoor News has successfully launched a digital replica edition of our flagship Minnesota title that enables readers to consume our content on desktop, mobile, tablet or in traditional print. (Think … your ad + held directly in the consumer’s hand = action)

    Minnesota Outdoor News now available in digital replica edition. Customers can now interact with your advertising in print, on their desktop, iPad or Tablet, and mobile devices. 

  • A surprising in-road for the younger outdoor enthusiast is the Outdoor News Taste of the Wild cooking feature that resonates with the field-to-table movement.
  • Outdoor News has formal partnerships with the *MN DNR, the IL DNR, and the MI DNR who complete courses including firearm safety training, hunter education, and trapper education programs to receive their own junior subscription free of charge.

Did you know – we have also extended the *program to encompass various adult learn-to-hunt, mentored hunt, and “becoming an outdoors woman” series that reach into new audiences?

We remain committed to growing the pipeline of new hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts through partnerships that put copies of Outdoor News into the hands of youth.

This group of youth diving into copies of Outdoor News represents kids who participated in ATV safety training in Minnesota this April.

Our content, including the advertising that we allow – or more importantly the nature of some ads that we *don’t allow – provide parents with a solid choice to introduce them to reading and the outdoor pursuits. (*Parents know their kids won’t find ads for any tobacco or liquor products in Outdoor News.)

Other Outdoor News youth-facing initiatives include the popular Wood Duck Challenge, that encourages the construction and mounting of Wood Duck nesting boxes.

We’ve also continued the tradition of offering the annual Outdoor News Youth Writing contest that will publish across the seven Outdoor News titles including MN, WI, MI, IL, OH, PA and NY in December.  With stories and poetry submitted by kids that are printed in the paper, these issues of Outdoor News are popular with families, educators, and youth.

The bottom line is that the “next generation” of sporting enthusiasts comes in many different shapes and forms, and Outdoor News is committed to providing quality information in a meaningful way to these future customers.




Looking for a great tip you can use? 
When targeting “Millennials”…. What you leave out of your ad is important.
This audience prefers product-focused Information.
They really don’t care about elements you may always place in your ads such as: “family-owned” or “in businesses twenty five years”.
To bring the greatest impact to your message in the mind of a millennial, y
our ad space needs to focus on the core features of what you have to offer and what’s in it for them.

Would you like more information on creative options through Outdoor News to reach new audiences?
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*Source Report by: State of the News Media 2016



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