Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars — May 5, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Jones arrested a Chicago man and an Arlington Heights man for falsification of records and hunting turkeys without valid permits. The Chicago man was also cited for hunting deer without a valid permit after it was discovered he had taken a deer in November. Written warnings were issued for not signing a permit, falsification of deer applications, hunting deer without a valid permit, and unlawful take of a white-tailed deer.

While checking fishermen at White Pines State Park in Ogle County, CPO Teas observed two subjects preparing to leave. CPO Teas approached the fishermen for a compliance check. While one of the fishermen was retrieving his newly purchased fishing license from his pocket, he also inadvertently removed a bag of cannabis “wax” which fell to the ground. More cannabis and several items of paraphernalia were soon located as well. Both fishermen received civil cannabis and paraphernalia citations.

While on foot patrol at Hennepin Canal State Park, Sgt. Petreikis located four subjects hunting in a restricted area. Two of the subjects ran during the investigation in order to hide evidence (a dead Canada goose and a .22 rifle). Both subjects were apprehended. Six citations and several warnings were issued to the subjects for taking a Canada goose out of season with a rifle.

While conducting routine patrol, CPO Wagner observed a 4-wheeler leaving a rural farm field. The individual was observed with No. 330 conibears used for beaver trapping. After a short discussion, CPO Wagner discovered the individual was trapping without a valid trapping license, no habitat stamp and untagged traps. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

CPO Alt arrested a Winnebago County man who, during the archery deer season, unlawfully harvested two antlered deer using his wife’s deer permits. He then falsified the deer harvest record by indicating his wife killed the deer. Several weeks later, the man traveled to Pike County where he unlawfully harvested a 9-point antlered deer during the firearms deer season thereby exceeding his two-buck season limit and making that deer harvest and possession unlawful.  In January, the man pleaded guilty in Pike County court for the unlawful harvest and possession of the 9-point antlered deer and received $377 in total fines and costs plus three months court supervision. In March, the man pleaded guilty in Winnebago County court for the unlawful harvest and possession of two antlered deer as well as multiple charges for falsification of deer harvest records and received $1,500 in total fines and costs.

CPO VanZant cited two fishermen for the illegal take of more than 20 short fish at Spring Lake Fish and Wildlife Conservation Area. Multiple citations were issued to each subject.

CPO Posateri investigated a possible deer permit violation. The man from Taylor Ridge was cited for failing to check his deer on the same day it was harvested.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

On a tip from CPO Davis, CPO Kelley helped recover an injured pelican on Petite Lake. Unfortunately, while the pelican made it to surgery at Flint Creek Wildlife, it died shortly thereafter. The people who called in about the injured bird were grateful for the attempt at restoring it to health.

CPOs Kelley and Davis were able to remove three fox kits from underneath a shed in Dundee. Flint Creek Wildlife is helping raise and return them to the wild. People who have seen posts about the foxes have been appreciative of the efforts of both the DNR and the rehab clinic.

CPO Semenik was contacted by a Gages Lake resident. The resident explained there was a duck that appeared to be tangled in some fishing line under a tree across the shore. CPO Semenik went to the abandoned property where the ducks were located. There was a fishing rod and reel along the back side of the tree and there were actually two mallard drake ducks tangled in the fishing line coming from the rod and reel on shore.  The upright duck was actually slowly drowning the other duck attached to its feet. CPO Semenik entered the water with the fishing pole to free the ducks. While pulling the ducks on shore to untangle them, there was also a channel catfish on the end of the line. CPO Semenik released the catfish and spent a significant amount of time removing the line from the two mallards. The two ducks were released without any significant injuries. CPO Semenik later tracked down the owner of the fishing pole, and an appropriate charge was cited.

CPO Reid issued eight written warnings to a group of four fishermen on the Kankakee River. All four either had no license or no proof of license, and were setting 20-plus limb lines on every overhanging branch along the river bank. CPO Reid actually got tangled in the first one and almost got a hook in him, which is how he found them.

CPO Mooi issued three citations to a commercial trapper out of Indiana, completing a year-long investigation, that included assistance from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and Conservation Officers and Game Wardens from Georgia, Colorado, Arizona and Utah.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Greuel and Sgt. McReynolds responded to a 911 call of a boat in trouble below the Lake Shelbyville Dam. They assisted three Chicago area individuals boating on the Kaskaskia River who had lost power and were unable to escape the undertow at the Lake Shelbyville Dam. The boaters were thrown a line and pulled away from the dam. The Shelby County Dive team and Shelbyville Fire Department assisted. The operator, a Brookfield man, was cited for insufficient personal flotation devices on the watercraft.

CPO Wright observed a male and female from Decatur fishing at the dam. When the female spotted CPO Wright, she immediately threw a bag in the water. The female admitted to having drugs on her. Both the male and female did not have fishing licenses. The female was issued a citation for pollution of waterway and a written warning for the fishing license violation. The male was issued a written warning for the fishing license violation.

CPO Viverito received a tip of two men camping east of the hot water ditch at Clinton Lake. CPO Viverito located a tent and awoke two white males from Bloomington. The men were issued citations for camping in an undesignated area.

CPO Wellum received a complaint from a Cumberland County man in reference to a neighbor altering a waterway which in turn is flooding his property. After walking the property with the complainant, CPO Wellum referred the complainant to the Office of Water Resources in Springfield.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

Acting off a tip, CPO Wheatley investigated a Quincy man who was reported to be in possession of an untagged deer. After a short field interview, CPO Wheatley found the man had shot a previously wounded deer and failed to obtain a tag or report the deer harvest.  Enforcement action was taken.

CPO Wheatley interviewed a Bowen man in reference to an on-going case regarding the unlawful taking of two male deer. A teleconference with Missouri Conservation Agents and the suspect resulted in the man admitting to taking the two bucks unlawfully. The suspect later gave a written statement and received a total of four citations and four written warnings for the violations.

CPO Wheatley investigated an anonymous tip regarding a meat market offering for sale and selling wild deer meat. An inspection was conducted. No permit was found to allow this. Appropriate action was taken.

CPO Goetten finalized an investigation into three non-resident hunters. With the assistance of DNR officers from Indiana and West Virginia, one subject was discovered to have unlawfully harvested a large buck in Indiana. Two additional deer were unlawfully harvested by the subjects in Clark County, Illinois. CPO Goetten filed charges against all three subjects in Illinois. Additional charges are pending by the Indiana DNR.

CPO Blakeley was busy with the opening day of the north zone turkey season in Schuyler County. He observed a UTV driving in a field with two hunters dressed in camo. He was able to make contact with the two non-resident  turkey hunters and found one of the hunters was holding two uncased loaded shotguns while the other hunter was operating the UTV. The two subjects were issued citations for the uncased loaded shotguns.

CPO Macias was patrolling Lake Springfield and ran into a subject fishing who could not find his license. The subject told CPO Macias he had bought one “a few days ago.” After asking where and when the license was purchased, the subject could not remember. After a check on the online system, it was determined the subject did not renew his license for the year. A citation was issued.

CPO Liebl received a complaint about non-resident hunters possibly hunting without valid turkey permits. The hunters were located and found to possess valid turkey permits, but one hunter did not have a valid hunting license or habitat stamp. The other hunter was unlawfully using a crossbow to hunt turkeys. Both hunters were cited for their violations.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Jourdan checked a group of three turkey hunters in Jefferson County. Two birds were harvested by the group of men. One of the men claimed he killed one bird, and his buddy’s wife killed the other. The wife was not present. It was determined she was at work and did not hunt that morning. The husband admitted killing the bird and using his wife’s landowner permit to tag it. One of the other men did not have a turkey permit in his possession. A citation was issued for possession of another’s permit in the field, and a warning was issued for no permit in possession.

CPO Robert Compton conducted a boat safety inspection of a watercraft at Fillmore Lake. No safety equipment was in the boat. The adult boat operator did not have a valid fishing license, and CPO Compton discovered the subject’s fishing privileges were suspended for failure to pay child support. A search of the subject revealed a turkey call in his pocket. The subject admitted to turkey hunting earlier in the day during the youth season with his son. Due to the failure to pay child support, his hunting privileges were also suspended. A search of the vehicle revealed a loaded firearm in the console. Multiple citations and warnings were issued.

CPO Somers and Sgt. Taylor responded to a call of a sunken boat with people in the water. Two subjects were in a small jon boat on Cedar Lake. A large wave, due to 30 mph winds, went over the front of the boat and swamped it. The boat eventually sank. The two subjects were picked up by a passing boat and taken to shore. No injuries were reported.

CPO Lewis assisted the Perry County Sheriff’s Department with a trespassing complaint. Three subjects were located on the property in question fishing without permission of the landowner. At the landowner’s request, the fishermen were each charged with fishing without permission. In addition to the fishing without permission charges, two of the subjects were issued written warnings for no fishing license, and one subject was arrested by Perry County on an outstanding warrant.

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