Diary keepers help shape future fisheries management decisions on the Finger Lakes

As the 2017 New York state open-water fishing season draws near, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) encourages anglers to participate in its Finger Lakes Volunteer Angler Diary Program.

The program aims to collect data from fishing trips on all of New York’s Finger Lakes and selected Lake Ontario embayments of DEC Regions 7 and 8.

This is a year-round program, so anglers pursuing all types of fish and fishing on these waters are encouraged to enlist. Typical program participants fish the lakes anywhere from once to multiple times in a given season, so even occasional anglers are welcome to participate.

“Fisheries management in the Finger Lakes of Central and Western New York is in part guided by angler experiences, success rates, and desires,” Region 7 Fisheries Biologist Ian Blackburn said. “This program is an excellent chance for members of the angling public to take an active role assisting DEC to make well-rounded and informed management decisions for the Finger Lakes.”

Anglers who fish the Finger Lakes and are willing to contribute to the program by keeping a fishing diary for DEC can contact the Region 7 and Region 8 Fisheries offices at (607) 753-3095 and (585) 226-5343, respectively, or by email at fwfish7@dec.ny.gov or fwfish8@dec.ny.gov.

More information on the diary programs, along with annual reports for each lake, can be found online at the Angler Diary Cooperator Program web page and the West Central New York Angler Diary Program web page on DEC’s website.

— New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

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