Ice fishing season isn’t over ’til it’s over

Every time I think the ice fishing season is over, it isn’t.
When I wrote about being on the ice with my truck a few weeks ago and having to use the wipers to keep the slush off the windshield, I figured that was it.
It wasn’t. We went out with the truck twice after that and we’re still going out, although we’re not taking a truck.
On March 19, we went out on Lake Superior for the first time this winter. (Yeah, I know, it’s spring, now.) We didn’t drive a truck out; we walked a couple hundred yards off shore.
Whitefish Bay had been devoid of ice for most of the winter, but those ferocious northwest winds that lashed the entire state in early March drove some broken-up ice into the bay. Then, cold weather locked up the ice. Local anglers didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation.
A buddy called to give me the report. They were catching coho jacks and whitefish. I was incredulous, especially after the winter we’d just had, and when I asked how much ice, he said, “Plenty.”
Another buddy went with me a couple days later to check it out. We punched several holes and found the ice to be of varying thickness, but, yes, “plenty” for what we needed. We set up with ice rods and a spear, since whitefish may be taken by spear when they don’t want to be taken by hook and line.
We had a ball. The fish were biting readily at first, but then, as fish do, they shut off. They would swim into the hole but they wouldn’t bite. Nevertheless, with five or six fish on the ice, we quickly doubled our take with the spear.
At this writing, we’re still sneaking out, but Mother Nature is chipping away at that ice, quickly.
Ice fishing season in the north will be over, soon. Catch it while you can.
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