Finesse fishing and larger lures not just for aggressive biters anymore

So often angling writers share the same insight into finesse fishing – always demanding slow and subtle because of weather and fishing conditions. We hear this for hard water and open water fishing alike.

When we refuse to deviate from this tactic and catch nothing, we blame the weather or fish. Instead, address this via the versatility factor, winter or summer. Here’s a tip: Next time you’re encountering a slow bite and traditional finesse tactics don’t produce, switch things up. Consider running larger, more aggressive baits and lures.

Fish sometimes prefer a specific lure, and it’s not always small and subtle. The first thing I consider under these conditions is the fall rate and size of lures. Work different lures to vary the drop and action; the same lure in just a different weight or color may trigger bites. A couple great examples are larger spoons and waxworms for bluegills, or catching walleyes with larger, 5- to 6-inch shiners.

And as usual, it goes without saying that when using livebait under these conditions, make sure your bait is healthy and fresh. Replace it every eight to 10 minutes.

When to try this technique? If you’re marking fish and you can’t get them to go, that’s the time to experiment. There are timeframes when fish refuse to bite. No matter what we do, there are times when fish are not feeding. This is the time to relocate or check out another lake.

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