Pitfalls of buying hunting equipment on the cheap

A look at the post-hunt counterfeit broadhead Casey Morgan purchased.

Apparently, knockoff products aren’t exclusive to over-priced jewelry and handbags.

One Illinois hunter I know learned this the hard way this season and his story makes me wonder how many hunters have indeed been duped and didn’t know it.

Let’s face it, good products can be pricey, and there are certainly some great deals to be had. You just need to consider who is offering said special, because a good deal is one thing. Too good of a deal, however, can come with consequences.

Casey Morgan, who lives and hunts in northern Illinois, discovered this after shooting a doe using a broadhead that he believed was from a reputable and widely used brand. After all, that’s what the product description stated when he purchased a three-pack online from some discount operation.

Morgan was unable to recover the doe, which as any hunter knows can be devastating, especially from an ethical standpoint. He was also sickened to discover the condition of the broadhead after shooting the doe. It was definitely not something he’d ever observed in several years of using this solid brand. The broadhead was mangled and bent beyond anything he’d ever seen. Morgan conducted a bit of research, which ultimately led to the conclusion that he had purchased a counterfeit product.

The moral of this story is clear: Don’t be cheap or cut corners when you are buying hunting equipment.

Morgan learned an important lesson from his negative experience.

“For the sake of a suffering animal, don’t buy knockoff crap,” he told me. “I feel like an (idiot) and should have known better.”

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