Pennsylvania agency wants CWD controls to be written into regulation

Chronic wasting disease is a permanent threat to Pennsylvania’s deer.

And for several years now, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has addressed that threat through actions intended to keep the disease out of areas where it hasn’t been detected, and to suppress it in areas where it’s known to exist.

Those measures all have been enacted by executive order of the Game Commission.

But the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners preliminarily approved placing them into regulation. The move would provide more permanent status and structure to the requirements and restrictions that have been addressed by executive order.

It would not impact the Game Commission’s ability to act quickly in response to new cases of CWD because additional executive actions still could be taken.

Among the restrictions that soon could be covered by regulation is the prohibition on importing into Pennsylvania any high-risk parts from deer, elk, moose or other cervids harvested within states or Canadian provinces where CWD is present.

In areas like Ohio, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia, where the ban applies only to counties where CWD has been detected, the ban would continue to apply only to those counties.

Restrictions would apply within Disease Management Areas, such as the prohibition on removing from a DMA the high-risk parts of deer harvested within the DMA, and the prohibition on feeding deer within a DMA.

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