Land deal could mean vast public outdoor possibilities along Montana’s Bighorn River

New legislature now requires the pheasant hunting season to open no later than October 12. In 2017, the season is tentatively set to open October 7.

BILLINGS, Mont. — Montana wildlife officials are looking to acquire 425 acres of land along the Bighorn River, a purchase that could help create the largest section of land along the waterway for public outdoor recreational opportunities.

The Billings Gazette reports that the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks is planning to purchase the land south of the Grant Marsh Wildlife Management Area. The land is also adjacent to a 50-acre area being developed by the state as a wetland.

According to a draft environmental assessment, the land eyed for acquisition is important for maintaining stable populations of deer, pheasant, wild turkey and other wildlife.

The addition of the property would expand hunting and allow for fishing and other recreational opportunities.

The proposed $1.6 million acquisition is up for public comment.

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