Fifty years of Minnesota history: great Outdoor News, views and more

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This year, Outdoor News is celebrating its 50th year of servicing the outdoors reader in Minnesota. That’s a good run and I have little doubt this widely read publication will continue to provide pertinent information for many more years to come.

People love the Outdoor News. I have been a contributor since 1987 and in that entire time I have not had a single person tell me they didn’t like what was provided on the pages of the publication. Now with radio and the web the reach is greater, and still, I receive nothing but compliments for what we deliver. Thanks to all who appreciate us.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, in each print edition of the Minnesota Outdoor News in 2017, I will be going back in time to share some of the things that were covered during a particular year.

In “Outdoor News Remembers the Year,” I will be describing what the world was like that year and then delve into some headlines of topics that were covered in the Outdoor News publication throughout that year. Check out the year 1969 on Page 20 of this week’s print edition.

Some examples: In 1968, Hubert H. Humphrey lost his presidential bid to Richard Nixon, Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered, and on Jan. 12, a dozen Merriam’s wild turkeys were released into the Whitewater Wildlife Management Area.

With 50 years of publishing, we will have almost every issue covered profiling a different year in each issue. The plan is to profile consecutive years so we started with 1968 in Volume 50, No. 2, and will just keep plugging in the next year for each issue down the line.

So, a big congratulations to Outdoor News for making it 50 years, and for everyone who enjoys a little history, check out “Outdoor News Remembers the Year” each week in the Minnesota print edition. By the way, the feature is just a taste of all the great classic content the staff here compiled into its history book a couple years back. You can order that book here.

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