Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars — Jan. 13, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Jones cited a Sterling man during the firearms deer season for his firearm still being loaded after hours.

CPO Posateri cited an Andover man for failing to check his traps at least once per calendar day. He was trapping during the open groundhog season and caught a fox in a live trap.

While checking waterfowl hunters on the Rock River in Lee County, CPO Teas cited a hunter for unlawfully transporting a loaded and uncased shotgun in his boat. The hunter also received a warning for no HIP certification.

CPO Teas investigated an incident in Ogle County where a house was shot by a deer hunter during the firearm deer season. The hunter was identified and admitted to being the one who shot the house by accident. The hunters were in a field over 500 yards from the house and shot up hill at a buck in the field. The house was downhill from the hunter and was hit twice leaving holes in the wood siding. The homeowner was happy to give the apologetic hunter a piece of their mind rather than pursue any charges.

CPO Palumbo investigated a Lyndon man that made multiple trips archery deer hunting with no deer permits, no hunting license, and no habitat stamp. The man unlawfully killed a doe lacking these required items and then he used a Prophetstown man’s deer permit on it. The deer was also checked in under the Prophetstown man’s information. Several citations and written warnings were issued to both and the deer was seized and donated to a local food pantry.

CPO Alt observed a hunter in blaze orange clothing seated in an idling pickup truck parked approximately 400 yards out in the middle of a chisel plowed field adjacent to a large timber. A hunting compliance inspection to this hunter revealed he was in possession of a loaded/uncased firearm which was inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle. The hunter was not wearing sufficient blaze orange clothing as required while in the field hunting and the condition the hunter was observed constituted unlawful hunting from a vehicle. Additional violations of no valid driver’s license and expired registration were also discovered and addressed during this inspection.

CPO Murry observed a deer hunter walking towards his truck and away from an area known to have been baited. During the investigation and interview, the hunter admitted to putting the salt block out and hunting over it. It was also discovered the hunter was in possession of a firearm without a FOID card. He was issued citations for unlawful hunting whitetail deer over bait and possession of a firearm without a FOID card. Charges are pending for felon in possession of a FOID Card. He was issued a warning for unlawfully feeding deer.

CPO Jansen completed a deer hunting investigation involving two brothers that began early this year. The investigation led to the seizure of an 11-point buck skull cap, antlers, and cape from a taxidermist. One brother was issued two citations for loan or transfer of a permit, the second brother was issued 10 total citations.

CPO VanZant cited a subject for illegally taking a deer with a .22 rifle at night from his vehicle. The subject was issued citations for unlawful hunting from a vehicle, unlawful hunting between sunrise and sunset, hunting without permission of landowner, hunting from the roadway, transport of uncased firearm in vehicle, and illegal take of deer.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPO Davis and Sgt. Riedel arrested a subject for pheasant hunting with a revoked FOID. He was also cited for hunting upon the highway.

CPO Davis issued a citation for no federal waterfowl stamp and warnings for no hunting license and no state waterfowl stamp while checking waterfowl hunters in McHenry County.

CPO Reid stopped three individuals at the DPCA who were hunting without the required orange clothing. Two of the hunters had neither hunting licenses nor habitat stamps and were carrying .22 rifles which are not permitted on site. The other hunter carried an unplugged .12 gauge shotgun and was also in possession of rifled slugs “in case he saw any deer or anything.” Eight citations were issued to the group including hunting without permission, no orange, unplugged shotgun, and unlawful possession of rifled slugs. Eight warnings were also issued for permit and weapons violations.

CPO Macias was at Sedgwick Lake in Orland Park when he came across a young fisherman. Having just turned 16 five days prior, the young man did not have a fishing license and lied to CPO Macias about his year of birth. CPO Macias quickly knew it was a lie and told the new sportsman not to lie to police. A written warning was issued.

CPO Whitchurch was on patrol at approximately 10:30 p.m. when he observed four subjects fishing on a river bank in the south side of Chicago. CPO Whitchurch observed all four subjects catch at least one fish each. When CPO Whitchurch approached the four subjects, one of the subjects stepped off the rock ledge, placed his fishing pole on the ground and then attempted to walk back into a wooded area. CPO Whitchurch illuminated the subject with his flashlight and ordered him to return to the opening. CPO Whitchurch requested a fishing license from the subject which he did not have. A citation was issued.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Wellum investigated an incidental deer kill and issued a permit to a Clark County man for the deer.

CPO Moody cited a Florida man during the firearms deer season for hunting with no valid deer permit in rural Coles County.

CPO Reeves and CPOT Ausmus were working unlawful night hunters in northeastern Champaign County. At approximately 10:30 p.m. they observed a vehicle shine deer in a field and shoot at one with a .22 rifle. Upon stopping the vehicle, the male driver panicked and tried to hand the rifle off to a female passenger when an accidental discharge occurred in the vehicle sending a round into the passenger door of the drivers work vehicle. The driver stopped and was arrested on multiple wildlife code violations as well as illegal transportation of alcohol.

CPO Wright has been working on several waterfowl complaints in Macon County. One includes a Decatur man that has had his hunting privileges revoked.

CPO Viverito and K-9 partner Hank were called to assist CPO Wright with fishing without permission case in Macon County. CPO Wright requested Hank scent the vehicle. Hank indicated on the driver and passenger side of the vehicle. A search revealed several small bags of cannabis.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Blakeley located multiple mineral blocks, food blocks, along with empty jugs of liquid bait on private property in Brown County before the hunting season. CPO Blakeley located a non-resident hunting the property. Two subjects were issued multiple citations. One of the subjects advised an individual saw the various types of bait he had in his truck and was informed it was illegal, but he did not believe the individual.

CPO Wheatley was contacted by Minnesota DNR regarding a Minnesota resident whose hunting privileges are suspended. He was told he would be coming to Hancock County to deer hunt. During firearm deer season he found a truck with Minnesota plates. After checking the plates, the last name matched that of the suspect. CPO Wheatley ran surveillance all day. After sunset, he found two hunters coming back to the truck. One of the hunters was the suspect.

Sgt. Wagner received a complaint of a subject shooting a firearm from an ATV. Sgt. Wagner was close to the location and was there within minutes. Sgt. Wagner observed a subject with an uncased gun riding a lawnmower along the edge of a cornfield. The subject was dragging an untagged deer.

CPO Swance patrolled his district and discovered an area that appeared to be baited with turnips. Further investigation found several skinned furbearers and several fresh killed deer carcasses. Contact was made with the property owner who admitted putting out the turnips and placing the deer carcasses for coyote bait. However, he could not account for how all the deer died and did not possess any of the required documents required to hunt or trap.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Folden received a call from a landowner in reference to a hunting without permission complaint.  By the time CPO Folden arrived, the landowner resolved the situation and advised CPO Folden he did not want them arrested. CPO Folden had encountered violators in the area during previous years and decided to attempt to locate the hunters for a compliance check. CPO Folden located one hunter who was legal but had been cited by CPO Folden before. CPO Folden asked who was hunting with him and the man advised CPO Folden the other hunter was his son.  CPO Folden conducted a brief interview and determined the son had been illegally hunting without a non-resident archery deer permit, non-resident hunting license, and without a habitat stamp. CPO Folden issued a citation for no deer permit, no hunting license, and a warning for no habitat stamp.

CPO Johnson observed two deer hanging at a residence in Pope County. He observed two vehicles, with Georgia plates, parked at a residence. The CPO knocked on the door and a subject was hurriedly reporting deer harvest. CPO Johnson asked about the deer and the subject stated him and his wife killed them in Saline County. The subject was nervous and was asked how he got the deer back from the field. The subject paused and said in his truck. No blood was observed in the truck bed. CPO Johnson observed blood on an ATV. After a further investigation, the subject admitted to killing the deer on his property in Pope County but using a Saline County permit to report the harvest.

CPO Smith was patrolling Clay County and encountered a hunter wearing blaze orange. CPO Smith was a considerable distance from the person when the person saw CPO Smith approaching. The person went back to the trailer where he came out of. CPO Smith was almost positive the person had a firearm in hand. CPO Smith knocked on the trailer door and an older gentleman answered. CPO Smith inquired who was wearing the blaze orange. The person said he hadn’t hunted for two years. The person acted as if he didn’t know what CPO Smith was talking about.  After a few minutes, CPO Smith told the gentleman to tell the hunter wearing orange to come to the front of the trailer. The person wearing orange came up and met with CPO Smith. CPO Smith found out that the person did not have a valid hunting license. CPO Smith interviewed the person in his squad. The person informed CPO Smith that his father who answered the door also hunted deer that morning. CPO Smith interviewed the older gentleman and got him to admit he was hunting deer without a hunting license, habitat stamp, and firearm deer permit. CPO Smith asked the two gentlemen who else was hunting the property. Three other persons arrived and CPO Smith found two of them to be hunting without a habitat stamp, unsigned deer permit, and one was hunting with an unplugged shotgun.

Sgt. Hyatt cited a father for allowing his son to use his deer permit to harvest a doe after the son had already harvested a doe using his own permit.

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