Clinton Township hunter shoots 190-class trophy buck [Photo]

Steve Campbell and his wife, Cari, pose with the 16-point bruiser he arrowed on Dec. 11. 			     Contributed photo

Steve Campbell and his wife, Cari, pose with the 16-point bruiser he arrowed on Dec. 11. Contributed photo

Clinton Township, Mich. — Not many deer hunters would pass up a shot at a 10-point buck, but that’s exactly what Clinton Township’s Steve Campbell did on Dec. 11. Hunting with a crossbow, Campbell passed on a beautiful 10-point, then moments later shot a 16-point “buck of a lifetime.”

“I knew he was following the 10-point from the pictures we got on trail cameras,” Campbell told Michigan Outdoor News. “They were always together after the rut ended and I decided it was him or nothing.”

Campbell’s quest actually began in mid-October when the buck crossed the road from private property to public property in front of his buddies’ vehicle.

“I went in there and found the buck’s rubs so we put up a few trail cameras,” Campbell explained. “We got pictures of him along with two 8-points, a 9-point, a 10-point and a 12-point.

“I never saw him other than in the pictures, but I hunted him hard, three days a week, every week until I got him,” Campbell said.

At about 2 p.m. on Dec. 11, Campbell climbed into his stand, located in a clump of cedars in the middle of a swamp. He said the bucks showed up at about 5 p.m., with the 10-point showing himself first, followed a couple minutes later by the 16-point.

“He was facing me at about 15 yards,” Campbell said.

His arrow hit the deer’s juggler vein and several organs while passing through his body. The buck piled up in about 50 yards.

Campbell said he had a good bout of buck fever when the 10-point stepped into an opening, but that it had passed by the time the bruiser arrived.

Campbell was hunting with his brother Scott at the time and said his brother didn’t believe him when he told him that he had shot the big buck.

“I had to show him my crossbow to prove that I took a shot,” Campbell said.

The doubt didn’t end there. When the buck fell he buried his head in the fresh snow and when the brothers walked up to the buck, Scott thought it was a big doe.

“I went over and grabbed the antlers and lifted his head,” Campbell said. His brother finally believed him.

The buck has a main frame 10-point rack with six sticker points. It green scored 1934⁄8. The rack has an 18-inch inside spread and all of the tines are 10 and 11 inches long.

Prior to Dec. 11, Campbell’s biggest buck scored 125 and another scored 117.

“We’ve taken some good deer out of there, for state land,” Campbell said, “but nothing like this one.”

The rack will officially be scored after a mandatory 60-day drying period.


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