International agreement a boost for wild turkeys, habitat

The National Wild Turkey Federation recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Canadian Wild Turkey Federation pledging to work together on common natural resource goals.

The CWTF will celebrate its third anniversary in February and has established itself as the new face of conservation in Canada. Many of its mission goals align with those of the NWTF “Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt” initiative in the United States, which aims to conserve or enhance 4 million acres of wildlife habitat, recruit 1.5 million hunters to the tradition and open 500,000 acres of quality habitat to hunting.

CWTF’s mission includes:

  • To promote the establishment, restoration, preservation and sustainable management of wild turkeys and their habitats in Canada.
  • To develop programs and engage in projects to establish, restore, preserve and enhance wild turkey hunting practices, traditions and heritage.
  • To promote responsible wild turkey hunting practices, traditions and heritage.
  • To work with governments, organizations and others to develop programs and engage in projects to protect and enhance wildlife habitat.
  • To promote conservation, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor- and wildlife-oriented activities.
  • To host, sponsor and promote educational, social, exhibition and other events for members and the public.

“The collaboration between the NWTF and the CWTF will have great impacts on the conservation of the wild turkey as well as the preservation of the hunting heritage in North America,”  NWTF CEO George Thornton said. “Being such close neighbors with many shared natural resources, this agreement will ensure wild turkey populations prosper on both sides of the border.”

CWTF President Terry Smith agreed: “I believe this MOU will be great news for NWTF members to see the organization has a connection back in Canada.”

In less than three years, the CWTF has grown to 1,700 members across the Canadian provinces and territories. In the coming year, Smith said the CWTF plans to focus on building more chapters, increasing their two new outreach programs, Women Like Us and Kids Like Us, as well as delving deeper into habitat conservation and preservation.

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