Southwest bass club finishes up impressive season

The Cincinnati Youth Bass Club wrapped up another year of fishing in September with some very impressive numbers.

The club’s 21 regular members, all between the ages of 11 and 18, fished in four tournaments and caught a total of 176 bass, weighing 290.83 pounds, in three of those. All were released with the exception of one fish.

Members were allowed to drop numbers from the fourth tournament in their overall totals.

Alex Redwine finished first in the club’s overall yearly standings with 665 points. Billy Wheatley was second with 585 points and Blake Beiting ended up third with 555 points.

I first started writing about the club, which includes some of the most polite and enthusiastic kids that I’ve ever met, in 2010. It’s hard for me to believe that several of those early members – like Redwine – are now “age limited” out.

Advisor Angela Poling’s own son age-limited out several years ago. But she’s kept steering the club wisely, making sure members participated in community service projects, as well as bass tournaments. They earn extra points for attending meetings, joining stream clean-ups and helping with Fishing Has No Boundaries events. Redwine, for example, earned 150 points alone this year for attending meetings and boater safety classes and helping with conservation projects.

Poling has told me she would like to turn the reins over to another adult. But it’s hard to find someone who is willing to put in the time and energy. Actually, I suspect she relishes the interaction and guiding the kids in good conservation and service practices.

The club continues to seek boaters to help with tournament participation and support. No new members will be accepted in 2017 due to a lack of boats for tournaments.

Anyone in southwest Ohio who would like to volunteer their time and boat should contact Poling at

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