A heart of October bowhunting equipment reboot

On stand is terrible time to discover that something has gone wrong with your bow. To avoid this, consider taking a few pre-hunt practice shots each week all season.

 It only has to happen once before you’ll realize the importance of a simple target shooting session. Maybe your rest got bumped, or your sight wiggled just slightly loose, or maybe your peep sight slid up the string by 1/16-inch. It doesn’t matter. Anything that happens to the major components of your bow can cause your point of impact to change.

And that’s less rare than we’d like to believe. During the hunting season most of us tend to ramp way back on our shooting sessions, just as we tend to expose our bows to the rigors of the hunt more often. This means the potential for a little rough handling changing our point-of-impact is real, and you don’t want to realize that when you’re shooting at a deer.

I’ve had that happen, and have vowed to never experience that feeling again, so I incorporate a couple ideas. I’ll either shoot before I set out in the evening, or I’ll carry an arrow tipped with a small game point to shoot in the woods. To be honest, I don’t shoot every time I hunt but I make it a point to shoot at least a couple of times per week. This might involve a single arrow, or it might involve a dozen.

The main point is simply to make sure that everything is where it needs to be and that my bow is still shooting the way it was in late-summer. If something is wrong, I’ll see it and try to fix it.

It’s a pain doing this every week, but it’s worth it. Missing, or worse, poorly hitting an animal because you’ve neglected to take a few practice shots is simply bad. So, if you haven’t shot your bow in a while and you’ve been getting after it this hunting season, consider flinging a few at a target. It’ll cost you few minutes of time, but in exchange for those missing moments you’ll walk out to your treestand for your next hunt knowing that you can – and should – hit your target.

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