Walleye anglers unite for prime spinner rig time

One of my favorite fishing presentations in the open-water period, including the more challenging late-summer timeframe, is spinner rigs. They’re extremely productive and often will perform when nothing else can stimulate negative or neutral walleyes to bite.

First understand that this is a trolling presentation, and we have to troll fast enough for the spinner blade to turn. Different types of blades vibrate differently in the water column, but I find a No. 2 or 3 Colorado is most productive.

Indiana blades are my second choice, but Colorado is the best to use because they provide the most vibration and thump in the water column. Blades count because they ultimately are the attractors in this scenario.

If I’m comfortable moving at a faster speed, bottom bouncers work well. I’ll run my lure alongside the boat and see what speed I need trolling wise to make the blade spin. Then generally speaking, I use a single hook for a leech, crawler, or minnow. (Be prepared to employ a crawler harness if fish are nipping off the end of the crawler.)

Go with a 7-foot rod with a  softer tip, and here’s insider tip: Quite often I use a baitcaster for trolling spinner rigs.

Three-ways are productive too if the fish are 2 to 3 feet up off the bottom. Drop the sinker down, then pull it up a tad so that it’s not plowing the bottom.

Think you have a bite? If using bottom bouncers or three-ways, as soon as you feel that bite, point your rod at the fish and set hook. Set that hook fast, because once a walleye inhales that rig and feels weight of three-way, it’ll drop it.

Work with every different color blade you own, but err on blades that are good and visible in the water column. That said, I hear too many comments about water being too dark so anglers avoid some colors. I think they’re being too careful. Always experiment. A blade color that you think may have no shot can produce lots of action.

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