Help Ralph Barten’s Shedding Hope cause

Ralph Barten, of Ladysmith, makes walking sticks, lamps and other items that go to benefit kids in one way or another. Contributed photo


Ralph Barten, of Ladysmith, is a 57-year-old blind man who makes various outdoors-related items, many using parts of white-tailed deer antlers and diamond willow stems.  He does this with the help of his wife, Jo.

Ralph also gives away many of these items, mostly to help young people who are ill.  He donates items to be sold at benefits, for example.

Recently Ralph estimated he donated (in one year) $10,000 worth of key chains, antler lamps, walking canes and other items directly to kids or to benefits in support of their health issues.

Even though Ralph lost his sight during a back operation, he was not awarded any compensation for what appears to have been a mistake in the procedure.  Therefore, this kind and generous man, and his wife Jo, can use some donations so they can make more items and donate more items.

It takes drill bits, saw blades, wood varnish, sand paper, ribbon, wood, electrical cords and plugs and much more to keep the Bartens going just to break even with their philanthropy.

Consider purchasing an item at locations where they are sold or at a benefit.  Consider donating products they use to make the items.  Consider donating money Ralph then can use to purchase supplies, too.  He’s always in need of deer antlers.  This donation will not cost you anything.

Visit Ralph’s web page posted under his name or Shedding Hope web page for additional information.

Ralph continues to hunt deer and turkeys with the help of friends, so he has not given up on being a practicing Wisconsin recreationalist, as well as a philanthropist promoting Wisconsin’s outdoors.


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