Make this Wisconsin fall turkey season count

Wisconsin fall turkey hunters will find plenty of opportunity with 106 days of hunting available to them. There are also plenty of leftover tags in most units. Photo by Jerry Davis

Another fall turkey season is approaching.  The season is scheduled to open Sept. 17, along with archery deer, squirrel, ruffed grouse and the seasons for a few other game animals.

Those who hunt zones 1 through 5 have a continuous season this year from the opening to year’s end.  Zones 6 and 7 close Nov. 18, the day before the gun deer season opens.

How about taking advantage of the many opportunities to take a turkey home for yourself and the family?

Surely, with up to 106 days to hunt, there is time to carve out a few days, an afternoon or a couple mornings.

Sitting quietly in a woods, field edge or field where the birds come for beans or insects can be a relaxing, and exciting, time.  Other wildlife observations could be helpful for those seasons as well.  Combine this season with some others – squirrel, ruffed grouse, or pheasant, which opens Oct. 15.

Extra tags, or the one you may have forgotten to apply for, await an online purchase or a visit to a local hardware store.  You probably have the stamp.

Spring turkey hunters have nothing in the way of gear to buy when hunting in the fall; you already have it all.

Maybe it’s time to try a new load, a smaller gun for a close bird or a gun you just want to say has killed a turkey even though it may be too small for spring hunting.

Give it a try.  It may be you’ll discover something you’ve been missing for a decade or more.


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