Michigan Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars Report – August 12th, 2016


CO Ethen Mapes attended a kid’s fishing derby. Mapes spoke with children and their parents about the importance of using good ethics while fishing. Over 100 kids turned out for the even that was held on the Ontonagon River.

CO Brian Lasanen and Houghton County Marine Deputy Hebner worked a Bridge- Fest fireworks on the Portage waterway. Both Lasanen and Hebner made contact with numerous boaters and anglers. Law enforcement action was taken for towing a skier without an observer, unregistered watercraft and fishing without a license.


COs Mark Zitnik and Calvin Smith conducted a patrol on Munising Bay. Many violations were addressed while patrolling the busy body of water. Violations included unregistered watercraft, operate PWC no wake less than 200 feet from Great Lakes Shoreline, fail to display numbers/decal registration, Fail to notify Secretary of State of sale within 15 days, and child less than 6 years old not wearing PFD.

CO Pat Hartsig was about to launch a boat on the Escanaba River when dispatch reported cattle getting loose and walking across the highway. The cows were only a half mile down the road; Hartsig drove his patrol truck and blocked traffic while the cows were herded off the roadway. The farmer was contacted, and he was able to secure the cows without incident.

CO Jon Busken was on routine patrol when he observed a vehicle being operated with a novelty plate in place of the state issued rear facing license plate. Contact was made with the operator who claimed that he did not need to display a license plate because he was a sovereign citizen. The operator was found to have a suspended driver’s license and was lodged in the Mackinac County Jail for 4th offense driving without a valid license and felony resisting and obstructing.

CO Bobby Watson was on patrol checking local lakes for fishing activity. Contact was made with two anglers who stated they had only caught a few small bluegill and had not kept any yet. Before breaking contact, Watson asked one of the anglers if there were any fish in the boat at all. The man replied he did not know because it was his friend’s boat. Watson checked the livewell of the boat and discovered a 13-inch largemouth bass. Watson asked for the “friends” phone number so that he could conduct a quick interview, and the man replied that he would just take the ticket. After issuing a citation for possession of a short bass, the man admitted that it was his fish.

CO Bobby Watson and Sgt. Michael Hammill participated in a Law Enforcement appreciation night along with two local Luce County deputies. The four law enforcement officers each threw the ceremonial “first pitch” at the local little league fields. The four officers then mingled with the parents and spectators and were able to watch a few innings of baseball/softball.


CO Andrea Albert and PCO Tom Oberg responded to a citizen complaint of a pickup truck backed up to a bank that appeared as if they were going to dump a load of trash over the steep bank. COs responded to the area and found the driver of the vehicle made a U-turn in the road and ended up with her rear tires of the truck stuck over the steep bank. The driver said she was going to pick up a turtle off the road for her fish pond at home. Further investigation found the driver did not have insurance on her vehicle. The vehicle was towed out and a ticket was issued for the violation. The driver was also warned to not remove turtles from the wild.

CO Andrea Albert and PCO Tom Oberg observed through binoculars several individuals fishing on a pontoon boat and a second boat attached to the pontoon on a small inland lake in Antrim County. When everyone boarded the pontoon and came to shore, COs conducted a marine safety and fish check. After asking the intoxicated and aggravated occupants who was fishing, they stated that only the kids were. The occupants quickly realized that their story was not going to add up after the COs explained to them that they were being observed for approximately half an hour and the COs pointed out who was fishing. Three of the anglers were cited for fishing without licenses.

CO Andrea Albert and PCO Oberg were on patrol on Lake Michigan, east of Old Mission Harbor when they observed a boat underway. A baby and toddler were on board and neither was wearing life jackets. Upon making contact, not only were the children not wearing life jackets, it was determined that the parents did not have a

Type I or II life jackets on the boat for the toddler to wear only a Type III. The parents of the children were advised that children under six need to always have a Type I or II life jacket on while the boat is underway. The driver of the boat also failed to transfer his boat registration after he bought the boat out-of-state. A ticket was issued for the life jacket violation and several warnings were issued.

Following up on a complaint of a wanted individual living on state land near Wycamp Lake in Emmet County, CO Duane Budreau located the suspect vehicle traveling on the roadway. Budreau initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the suspect. The vehicle being driven by the suspect had improper plates and a check revealed the suspect had a child support warrant out of Ingham County and a fail to appear warrant out of Wexford County. The suspect was taken into custody and lodged at the Emmet County Jail.

CO Tim Rosochacki investigated a personal injury accident involving an ORV operator that lost control on a washed-out portion of a two-track in Cheboygan County. It was determined the operator was operating in a careless manor. Enforcement action was taken.

COs Paul Fox, Eric Bottorff, and Brad Bellville conducted a group patrol around Tomahawk Flooding and surrounding lakes and campgrounds. A large party was being held at one of the campgrounds. The party was kept under control and numerous warnings and tickets were issued for marine violations and fishing without a license.


CO William Haskin was out patrolling when a call came out of an unresponsive kayaker found floating on the Manistee River in Wexford County. Haskin responded immediately by boat and located the victim and evaluated him. Haskin quickly performed basic first aid and then proceeded to transport the still unresponsive kayaker to an access site extraction location where first responders where standing by. Civilian personnel also played a vital role in this rescue. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Investigation continues but alcohol and drugs were a contributing factor for the kayaker ending up separated from his kayak and found floating in the river by other kayakers.

CO Rebecca Hopkins and PCO Colton Gelinas were on general patrol in Benzie County. While on patrol, COs came into contact with three anglers. The anglers were fishing Brundage Pond, which is located on state land in Benzie County. During a fishing check investigation the odor of marijuana was observed by the COs which emanated from the vehicle of one of the anglers. The owner of the vehicle took responsibility for the marijuana. Law enforcement action was taken.

CO Patrick McManus and PCO Zach Bauer were contacted by Leelanau County Central Dispatch to assist Glen Lake Fire Department with an unresponsive subject at a local beach near Sleeping Bear Dunes. Upon arrival, the COs made contact with the individual who was currently conscious, but suffering from severe heat stroke. The subject was monitored until Glen Lake Fire Department and EMS arrived on scene. The subject was turned over to incoming EMS units for further care.

CO Kyle Publiski and CO Brian Brosky responded to a complaint on the Mason County/Lake County line where a subject was filling in the Sable River in order to divert the river water down a smaller split in the river, so that the river was closer to his residence. The subject had made a dam out of concrete blocks, bed springs, a plastic truck bed liner, steel posts, logs and even a toaster was located. Fortunately some other property owners located the mess and called to make the complaint and then removed the dam before too much damage was done. Publiski and Brosky located the subject at his residence and got a full confession, but only after having to listen to a story about how beavers built the dam using all those objects. While interviewing the subject,  Brosky located pile of trash behind the residence that had recently been burned. In the pile of trash were tires and other items that were illegal to burn. Enforcement action was taken.


While on patrol, CO John Huspen and PCO Jeffrey Dell contacted several ORVs operating in an area closed to ORV use near Guthrie Lake in Crawford County. After conducting a traffic stop on a group of ORVs, it was determined one of the operators had a suspended operator’s license. After talking with this individual, he indicated the he was aware he was not permitted to operate an ORV. This subject was cited for operating an ORV while having a suspended operator’s license.

CO Chris Bowen assisted the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department in attempting to locate a missing female subject from southern Michigan. The subject was scheduled to arrive at her family cabin on Thursday and never arrived. When the family became worried and reported her missing, they indicated she had a history of suicidal thoughts. A search was conducted in southeast Roscommon County near the family cabin and public messages were placed on social media. Bowen assisted with the search in remote areas of south east Roscommon County. The female was eventually located on Saturday and was in fair physical condition.

CO Chris Bowen assisted the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department and Denton Township Police Department with a domestic assault. The man put a gun to his wife’s head and threatened to shoot her. After the authorities were contacted, the man ran into the woods behind the house. Bowen assisted with the search of the residence and woods behind the house. The officers located the man in the woods and arrested him without incident.

Conservation Officers Chuck McPherson, Ben McAteer and Sgt. Jeremy Payne responded to a report of overdue kayakers on the South Branch of the Au Sable River in Crawford County. The kayakers began their trip at approximately 4 p.m. and their family reported them missing at dark. After interviewing the family and local anglers the officers focused their search on the south side of the river approximately two miles downriver of the kayakers starting point. McPherson and McAteer were able to locate sign of the kayakers and began tracking them in the dark. The kayakers were eventually located and were wet cold and scared. The conservation officers walked the subjects out of the remote wilderness and reunited them with the appreciative family at 1 a.m.


PCO Joseph Myers and CO Robert Hobkirk were checking fishermen at the mouth of the Pinnebog River. They checked a group consisting of four individuals. One of the individuals was fishing without a license. Enforcement action was taken.

While working a recent marine patrol, COs Bob Hobkirk and Kyle Bucholtz located two subjects fishing the Saginaw Bay. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered the fishermen were utilizing too many lines. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Mark Siemen received a complaint from Sanilac County Animal Control about an injured owl at a residence in Custer Township. Siemen responded to the residence and spoke with the home owners. They advised they saw the owl three days prior in a bush, and then it was gone, until it showed up in their garden. The owl could not fly due to an injured wing. The owl was captured, placed in a cage and transported to a wildlife rehabilitation center. The owl was later examined by a vet, and surgery was done for the broken wing.

COs Jill Berry and Will Brickel responded to a complaint in Bay County where young kids were shooting song birds, ducks, frogs, and turtles with a BB gun. Upon further investigation of the complaint 81 marijuana plants were found. The BAYANET drug team was called to assist the COs. Enforcement action was taken.

While off duty, CO Dan Robinson received a complaint of a live raccoon being kept at a residence. Robinson followed-up with the complaint and found a live raccoon being kept in the subject’s garage. The subject said that they possessed the animal for three weeks and were taking care of it. The animal looked well cared for, but Robinson reminded the subject that raccoons are wild animals and aside from the diseases can become very aggressive. The animal was removed from the residence and enforcement action was taken.


CO David Rodgers obtained a confession from a subject who posted a photo of a turkey he shot without a license. The subject told the story of how the turkey came into his decoy right off the roost and that he shot it. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Justin Ulberg checked a group of anglers fishing along the Grand River in Grand Rapids. Two of the subjects were fishing without licenses and were also in possession of two illegal bass. Enforcement action was taken and the bass were released alive back into the river.

While sitting in an area known for having several overnight deer shooting in the past couple months, CO Cary Foster observed a suspicious vehicle complete a U-turn in the roadway. The vehicle went out of sight for a few minutes and then returned. As the vehicle was driving past Foster’s location, he observed a hand-held flashlight shining the field from the front passenger window. The vehicle continued southbound on the road and Foster followed. The vehicle subsequently pulled to the side of the road. Foster observed two subjects exit the vehicle and run into a field. One subject was carrying a flashlight, while the other had a rifle. Foster then observed the driver of the vehicle slowly drive southbound then turn around and come back northbound, towards the location. Foster quickly backed his patrol truck around a corner where he hid behind farm equipment. A short time later, the vehicle drove past his location. Foster again began to follow the vehicle from a distance. Upon observing the vehicle’s headlights stop on a curve in the road, Foster exited his patrol truck for a better view. At that time, a gunshot was heard in the direction of the vehicle. Foster caught up to the stopped vehicle and discovered a freshly killed doe in the back. It was also determined the other two subjects were still in the field attempting to locate a deer they had just shot at. After back-up arrived from the sheriff’s office and Michigan State Police the other two subjects were located. It was later determined the subjects had shot at three deer that night, but were only able to recover the one. Several citations were issued and the weapon was seized.

CO Chris Simpson and PCO Joseph Deppen were observing and checking anglers along the pier in Muskegon when they encountered a subject with an FOC warrant. The subject was taken into custody and lodged in Muskegon County Jail.


CO Michael Drexler responded to a call where a gosling fell into a four foot deep basement window well. The goose was removed from the well and escorted back to the pond where it was reunited with its family.

CO Brandon Hartleben contacted two groups of juveniles fishing on the railroad bridge and railroad right-of-way on the Huron River just west of Barton Pond. The young men were given an education on railroad trespass and escorted from the area.

CO Andrew Monnich was checking shore fishermen on Lake Hudson when he noticed two anglers across the lake bank fishing. Monnich headed to the other side of the lake to the location of the anglers. After walking through the woods for some time Monnich located the secluded anglers sitting in lawn chairs in the water fishing. As Monnich made contact one of the individuals said, “You got me!” and went on to say he hadn’t bought a license this year and figured being off the beaten path and away from everyone he wouldn’t get checked. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Andrew Monnich and CO Chris Reynolds were on marine patrol on Devils Lake when they contacted two individuals fishing from a boat. One individual produced a proper license while the other stated he was just at a local Meijer’s 30 minutes ago and the employee told him that it was free fishing weekend and refused to sell him a license. Monnich stated free fishing weekend was the week before and called the local Meijer’s store to see if the subject’s story was true. The Meijer worker stated that he’s been selling fishing licenses all day. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Andrew Monnich checked some anglers coming off Devils Lake on kayaks and noticed they were pulling a stringer with a fair amount of fish on it. As Monnich contacted the anglers loading gear in their trucks he saw a few largemouth bass mixed in with the stringer of pan fish. Monnich asked what the bass measured and the anglers stated they looked legal and didn’t measure them. Monnich measured both bass and one measured 12 inches. The angler stated he planned on letting it go but the bass was already dead when he went to let it go hours later. Enforcement action was taken.


CO Mark Ennett responded to a report all poaching complaint of possible over-limits of catfish at a local fishing pier. By the time Ennett arrived on scene the subjects in question had already left. Ennett went on to complete a regular fishing patrol and located an angler fishing without a valid fishing license. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Mark Ennett was assisting park staff on the beach at Sterling State Park. It was a very hot and busy day, with numerous vessels and PWCs in the area. Ennett warned a pair of PWC operators for tying off their machines to the swim area marker buoys, and made them move. A short time later, Ennett observed another PWC towing three separate persons on three different trips on inner tubes. The PWC did not have an observer on board. It took a few minutes for the operator to get close enough to shore to blow a whistle and get him onto shore. He did not have his paper registration on board, and he also was operating and maneuvering between boats and swimmers. Ennett, with Park Officer Sparks as a witness, explained the various violations, and issued a citation for towing without an observer.

COs Raymond Gardner and David Schaumburger attended the Kids Fishing Fest at Milliken State Park and Harbor in Detroit. While there, the COs answered any questions participants may have had for them. Schaumburger also fixed a fishing pole for a young participant, so that he would be able to continue fishing.

While checking anglers at a local boating access site CO James Zellinger approached several subjects cleaning walleye at a designated fish cleaning station. Two of the subjects, who were fishing together, appeared to be cleaning rather small walleye. Zellinger asked to measure the walleye the subjects were currently cleaning. Both walleye were less than 15 inches long. Zellinger asked to see the rest of the fish the subjects had in their possession. After measuring all seven of the walleye the two subjects had in their possession, six were determined to be less than 15 inches in length. Enforcement action was taken.

While checking anglers at a local boat access site, multiple boaters approached CO James Zellinger and reported a vehicle connected to an empty Jet Ski trailer was parked in the designated tie down area. Enforcement action was taken.

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